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tamobhuuta 18-07-2022 10:32 AM

29 here! I had to sleep downstairs last night.

You guys up to much?

not_so_insig 18-07-2022 10:46 AM

I am sitting here waiting for 2 sets of parcels. One is food so I hope the stuff is still chilled by the time it arrives. I had an email saying that the company who sent it have packed the boxes with extra ice.

tamobhuuta 18-07-2022 11:15 AM

Ice is good!

not_so_insig 18-07-2022 11:35 AM

Not when it's melted and your food is off.

one_step_closer 18-07-2022 12:50 PM

I hope your food arrives fresh, Dawn.

It's 26 degrees here, I've been in all day and plan to continue that way. Will have to go out tomorrow for the gym group though. It would be good if it was cancelled but the worker who takes it never cancels. I can't find a good book to read and my concentration is bad. I feel like crying.

not_so_insig 18-07-2022 12:53 PM

Thanks Lindsay. Sorry you're feeling rubbish hope things improve for you soon.

one_step_closer 18-07-2022 01:51 PM

Thanks, Dawn. Do you know what time your parcels are due to arrive?

not_so_insig 18-07-2022 01:54 PM

My food parcel is between now and 3 and my amazon parcel is between 2.15 to 4.15 pm.

one_step_closer 18-07-2022 01:57 PM

What are you doing while you wait?

not_so_insig 18-07-2022 02:03 PM

I am watching TV Lindsay. Watching Impossible atm. Also random internetting.

tamobhuuta 18-07-2022 02:07 PM

Sorry things are tough osc :(

Have fun waiting insig!

one_step_closer 18-07-2022 02:16 PM

I rarely watch tv plus do some internetting, it's one or the other. Whatever suits you though.

Hi Tamo. Thank you. How are you are what are you getting up to?

Cacoethes 18-07-2022 02:24 PM

Hey guys!
It is 36c but I'm fine because air coooonnn!!!
I'm on my break. I had nachos and i am very full now!
They were delicious

one_step_closer 18-07-2022 02:26 PM

I'm glad you have air con to stay cool and that you had some yummy nachos. How was your walk there? Look after yourself on your walk home.

one_step_closer 18-07-2022 02:37 PM

Do people think bucket hats are weird? I want to cover up my head so I don't get skin cancer so have ordered a couple of bucket hats to see if any of them look ok on me. I have one that is black with strawberries on it but I think it's too dark to look ok, they first sent me one with strawberries with faces on them and there's no way I would wear that. I've ordered from another company a pink one with strawberries and a light blue one with daises.

nonperson 18-07-2022 02:45 PM

I don't think bucket hats are weird at all, Lindsay! There are also plenty of other styles if you find that the bucket hats don't suit you.

I'm still trying to find a wide brimmed sun hat that fits me and looks ok other than baseball caps.

not_so_insig 18-07-2022 03:33 PM

I had my food parcel and fortunately the meat was ok. Had my amazon parcel but I have had an item missing :angry: . But my new fan came and I have it going rn. There was no instructions and I tried for half an hour to get the base on without success. So I managed to get it on semi properly but it was very unstable. After 20 minutes of sitting down I thought I would have another go and finally managed to get it on properly. So that's a relief.

I am sitting down now with a chilled can of Pepsi max cherry. I felt a bit ill before but I am ok now. According to my phone it's 36 degrees.

one_step_closer 18-07-2022 04:53 PM

I don't know about all the hats you can get. I just don't think I'd get away with a baseball cap. NP you might need to educate me on hats! Were you at work today?

I get so frustrated when I can't put things together. Well done with sorting out your fan, Dawn. I'm glad your fan and juice are helping you feel better.

It's 30 degrees here. It's going to stay hot overnight and have higher temperatures tomorrow. Does anyone have plans on how to stay cool and get some sleep later on?

Cacoethes 18-07-2022 05:22 PM

According to Jasmine, bucket hats are 'in' at the moment!

nonperson 18-07-2022 05:53 PM

Caps are really the only hats that suit me because I seem to have a freakishly small head! But I really could do with one that has a brim all the way round. I like the outback style ones (without corks) but I might look ridiculous. Yep I was at work today. Left at 11:30, 45 minutes after I was planning to. It was already 32 degrees. I don't think it got to the temperatures they were expecting in the end. I think we maxed out at 35 here according to the weather station at work

For sleeping I find having a cold shower just before bed helps, like don't even dry down completely. I've slept terribly the past week with all this heat =(

And I'm off to the vets in a couple of minutes.

I hear that Wales hit a new record high temperature of 35ish today.

nonperson 18-07-2022 05:55 PM

I've got more thoughts for cool sleeping but will get back to you later.

Cacoethes 18-07-2022 06:17 PM

Looks like its maxed out at 37 here.

I am home! I only had to walk the 10 minutes from the bus stop and it was horrible!

not_so_insig 18-07-2022 06:49 PM

It was actually 37 degrees here according to my phone.

nonperson 18-07-2022 07:08 PM

I think they were saying it was 35.5 mid morning in somewhere in Wales so I'm not surprised if it's gone up.

Other cool sleeping tips - I have one of those "snap" clothes. You wet it, wring it out and then sort of snap it to make it go cold. I wrap it around my neck at work but I might use mine tonight to put it on my head. Could also be done with a towel I suppose but it might hold too much moisture. Also I used to have a little spray bottle that I used to spritz myself with while falling asleep. That was quite pleasant and helped cool my skin a bit.

Back from the vets - more antibiotics and an appointment next week to check up and drain his sacs properly and then he might need to go every two months or so to have them squeezed again. =/

nonperson 18-07-2022 07:11 PM

Also I'm glad you survived work today, Beckie. How did the kitchen staff get on?

Cacoethes 18-07-2022 07:27 PM

Good tips there np!
Luckily my meds knock me out so the heat doesn't keep me from sleeping!

Poor geordi. That can't be pleasant for him!

The kitchen staff were pretty annoyed for the entire day but i think i would be too if i had to work in a smallish kitchen full of fully fired up stoves/ovens/grills in 37 degree heat!!!

not_so_insig 18-07-2022 08:08 PM

Also I recommend talcum powder if you're a woman and prone to boob sweat. Put it on underneath your boobs and on any other skin creases you may have.

Also shut your curtains during this heat. It prevents the heat from coming in. It sounds daft but trust me it works.

Cacoethes 18-07-2022 08:17 PM

I have liquid talc. It's amazing

nonperson 18-07-2022 08:18 PM

Maybe I should cover my entire body in talc when at work.

Cacoethes 18-07-2022 08:30 PM

If you do that you'll have to send a picture XD

nonperson 18-07-2022 08:31 PM

Yeah lol. Not gonna happen =P

Cacoethes 18-07-2022 09:05 PM

Didn't think so XD

Cacoethes 19-07-2022 07:12 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 19-07-2022 09:36 AM

Morning :) how are you?

Cacoethes 19-07-2022 10:43 AM

I've been out and done most of my stuff.
Just have my depot appointment later. Not looking forward to the bus!

How are you?

not_so_insig 19-07-2022 12:19 PM

Hello all. I think that they're not working on the bt poles today as I have not heard any noise and I can't see any vans. Probably because of the heat I guess. I have internet so I am here for now.

one_step_closer 19-07-2022 12:24 PM

Afternoon everyone. Well done doing all your things, Beckie. I hope you manage ok on the bus. Look after yourself.

Hi Tamo and Dawn, how are you both. I'm glad you can still get online, Dawn.

I had to go and get my prescription earlier and when I got home I felt really unwell with the heat and couldn't go to the gym group. It wasn't my support worker who was taking it so the person who phoned let me off going. I know the gym would be cool but it's the whole walking and waiting for a bus and being on the bus and walking to the gym. Then having to do all that again after a workout. I'm worried the gym group will be stopped because a lot of the time it's just one of us there. Then I might be discharged from the service completely.

One app says there's meant to be a thunderstorm here later but the BBC website says different. All the weather apps can't seem to agree.

Cacoethes 19-07-2022 12:33 PM

My depot appointment has been cancelled! Apparently the nurse is unwell because of the heat. So its been rescheduled for a couple of weeks time.

Definitely don't want to be going to the gym in this weather lindsay!
Is there anything else you could do with your support worker if the gym group gets cancelled?

We had the thunderstorm warning too.
Fingers crossed!

not_so_insig 19-07-2022 12:40 PM

Not worth the risk of collapsing in this heat. Idk if it's the same for you Lindsay but I have found the bus drivers here shove the heating on the bus in the middle of summer and have the air conditioning on in winter. I have to get the bus on Thursday hopefully it will be cooler then.

I have an tesco shopping order but because I thought that they were working on my road I scheduled it for 5 to 6 pm instead of 2 to 3 pm which I normally have. I am glad I did because I dont fancy unpacking shopping during the hottest part of the day. Fortunately I have nothing that is frozen.

one_step_closer 19-07-2022 12:47 PM

Will you be ok waiting for your depot, Beckie? No one seems to be dealing well with the heat. I think the gym group will carry on hopefully. My worker will force me to find something else she can support me with when the walking group finishes at the end of summer. I could maybe volunteer in the food bank. But she wouldn't support me for that long. The gym group is the constant and it needs to continue or I'll be discharged soon.

Aww, did you not get ice cream or lollies or something, Dawn?

Zurg 19-07-2022 12:51 PM

Man!!! We're nowhere near your temps in Denmark but i Think it's going to reach 28-29 degrees in the next hour and i already wanna die!!!

Sitting on my balcony, in the shade, wearing a light cardigan which i would prefer not to be wearing but self harm reasons makes it neccessary. I'm tired of people staring at me. This year i prefer to be anonymous. Which is sucky and warm.
Some years i really hate summer. I look forward to it every year but i end up hating it almost every year too….

My support worker came by earlier and interrupted a perfectly good nap :-(

not_so_insig 19-07-2022 12:52 PM

I have magnums in my freezer and in my tesco shopping order there is stuff to make homemade ice lollies. I got the moulds from amazon last week so I just have to make them now. I am not going out tomorrow so it's my task then.

Cacoethes 19-07-2022 12:57 PM

I'll be fine waiting for it. It's just the contraceptive depot. I've been longer without it.

Volunteering sounds like it would be good!
Honestly makes the world of difference having something to get up for. Did for me anyway!

How rude of your support worker zurg!

one_step_closer 19-07-2022 01:05 PM

I hope your support worker offered you decent support after waking you up, Kat.

What are you going to put in the moulds, Dawn? Juice?

Oh right, I thought you meant a MH depot Beckie. It does help to get up if I have something on but not really early or too many times in the week.

not_so_insig 19-07-2022 01:07 PM

I am making pimms and lemonade ice lollies Lindsay.

one_step_closer 19-07-2022 01:08 PM

What does Pimms taste like, if you can describe it?

Cacoethes 19-07-2022 01:09 PM

Nah. The only bad thing that would happen missing this depot is my periods coming back. Because ain't nobody got time for that! But that won't happen for a looonnngg time!
Oh and pregnancy. But that's not been a risk in many years XD

That's the good thing about volunteering. You have loads of flexibility with it :)
But obviously only when you feel able, it's not good to push yourself too hard!

Pimms is delicious. Been serving a lot of it at work recently!

not_so_insig 19-07-2022 01:11 PM

I am not sure tbh. I first had it at my cousin's wedding and all I know is that I like it. It has fruit in the lollies too.

one_step_closer 19-07-2022 01:11 PM

No periods and no pregnancy sounds good!

Once the summer walking group finished my support worker will be expecting me to replace it with something else or I could be discharged. She thinks I could be doing more. She doesn't seem to understand.

one_step_closer 19-07-2022 01:12 PM

Sounds like you'll have some nice lollies to look forward to then, Dawn.

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