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Cacoethes 11-06-2021 11:14 AM

Hi tamo!
I'm good thanks! At the hairdressers! I am so excited!

How are you?

tamobhuuta 11-06-2021 11:27 AM

What are you having done?

I'm ok but feeling anxious.

Cacoethes 11-06-2021 11:35 AM

I'm going bright!
Pink, purple, navy and turquoise!

Sorry you're feeling anxious. Do you have any coping skills for it?

tamobhuuta 11-06-2021 11:47 AM


Yeah I've got a helpful list.

Cacoethes 11-06-2021 11:55 AM

That's good :)
I hope you feel less anxious soon!
Do you have any plans for today?

tamobhuuta 11-06-2021 12:08 PM

I'm hoping to read a bit.

Cacoethes 11-06-2021 12:18 PM

Are you reading anything in particular?

tamobhuuta 11-06-2021 12:31 PM

Lord of the Rings and St Teresa of Avila's Life.
Do you like reading?

Cacoethes 11-06-2021 12:38 PM


When I have the concentration i like reading.
When I was younger I'd get through tons of books!
Was always reading!

one_step_closer 11-06-2021 01:03 PM

Your new hair colours sound exciting Beckie!

Keep up the things that help with your anxiety Tamo. I hope you feel better as the day goes on.

tamobhuuta 11-06-2021 01:08 PM

Thanks osc. How are you?

Cacoethes 11-06-2021 01:12 PM

It is very exciting lindsay!
The colours are on now!

How are you?

one_step_closer 11-06-2021 01:14 PM

Not great mentally. I wish there was someone I could talk to regularly.

Having my first Covid vaccine tomorrow so need to work out buses and times etc.

one_step_closer 11-06-2021 01:14 PM

Does it take a long time to get your hair done Beckie?

tamobhuuta 11-06-2021 01:22 PM

I prefer trains to buses.

not_so_insig 11-06-2021 01:26 PM

Hello all. I am boiling but the other hand I am very sad. I felt quite ill last night due to the heat and couldn't sleep.

not_so_insig 11-06-2021 02:18 PM

tamobhuuta did you know that there's no Doctors on Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week due to the football?

Cacoethes 11-06-2021 03:13 PM

It took quite a while lindsay because it had to be bleached first.
But it's all done and I love it so much!!!

tamobhuuta 11-06-2021 03:18 PM

I'm glad you like your hair :)

Yeah I know about next week, I'm very upset, obviously.

Cacoethes 11-06-2021 03:36 PM


Always sucks when your favourite programme gets cancelled for something as boring as football!

not_so_insig 11-06-2021 05:12 PM

Lorraine has it even worse because they're playing Scotland matches in her city and therefore there will be extra crowds.

nonperson 11-06-2021 05:19 PM

I want to see pics of Beckie's amazing sounding hair! =O

Is it faded with all those colours or crazy stripes or what?!

Cacoethes 11-06-2021 05:30 PM

Oh noo dawn! Poor Lorraine!

I'll post the pic in the compliments pic thread np!

Edit: it won't let me do it :'(

nonperson 11-06-2021 05:49 PM

Noooo, whyyy =(

Cacoethes 11-06-2021 05:54 PM

I don't knooww!!!
It just keeps saying 'upload failed' :(

nonperson 11-06-2021 05:56 PM

Is it too big?

Cacoethes 11-06-2021 05:58 PM

I've uploaded photos from my phone before and its been ok so I don't know why it's not working now!

nonperson 11-06-2021 06:07 PM

Well that sucks. =(

Don't know what to suggest!

Cacoethes 11-06-2021 06:08 PM

It does indeed!
Are there any photo hosting type sites left? I could upload it to one of those and then type in the url?

nonperson 11-06-2021 06:18 PM

Yep - I use imgbb.

Cacoethes 11-06-2021 06:19 PM

I've done it!
You should be able to see it now via the link!

not_so_insig 11-06-2021 07:19 PM

My postcard to Russia arrived today!

nonperson 11-06-2021 07:59 PM

Hope they're excited to receive it too.

Cacoethes 12-06-2021 09:19 AM

Morning guys!

tamobhuuta 12-06-2021 11:03 AM

Hi Cacoethes how are you?

Cacoethes 12-06-2021 11:10 AM

Hi tamo!
I'm good thanks! Just on way to see Jasmine.
The market is heaving today!

How are you?

tamobhuuta 12-06-2021 11:24 AM

I hope you have a good time with Jasmine.

I am ok, trying to decide whether to exercise.

Cacoethes 12-06-2021 11:25 AM

Thank you :)

Hmm. Do what feels right!
It is a bit hot now so maybe wait until its cooled down a bit?

tamobhuuta 12-06-2021 11:33 AM

I wouldn't exercise until the afternoon anyway.

Cacoethes 12-06-2021 11:35 AM

That's good
Don't want to be passing out or anything!
And remember to stay hydrated!

tamobhuuta 12-06-2021 11:36 AM

I will :)

I really need to get dressed but I'm enjoying my coffee.

one_step_closer 12-06-2021 12:05 PM

Afternoon everyone, I hope you all have a good day.

tamobhuuta 12-06-2021 12:09 PM

Hi osc, how are you?

Cacoethes 12-06-2021 05:30 PM

Hey guys!

Just waiting for the bus home.
We had a lovely day
Went to the country park for an ice cream and fed the ducks.
Jasmine did my hair, makeup and painted my nails for me and we did some drawing!
She loved my hair! And wants to dye hers now lol

not_so_insig 12-06-2021 06:56 PM

Glad you had an nice time Beckie

Cacoethes 12-06-2021 07:15 PM

Thanks Dawn :)

What have you been up to today?

not_so_insig 12-06-2021 07:39 PM

Nothing much just mainly sitting outside listening to music.

Cacoethes 12-06-2021 07:45 PM

Nice :)

tamobhuuta 12-06-2021 08:01 PM

Sounds lovely Cacoethes.

Music and sunshine are great insig.

Cacoethes 12-06-2021 08:06 PM

Thanks tamo . It was!

What have you been up to today?

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