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Cacoethes 20-02-2020 04:24 PM

Love that shira!

Shirayuki 20-02-2020 05:03 PM

C! how are you? ^^

thanks ^^

we are like my band teacher said "a small but mighty group!" XD

Cacoethes 20-02-2020 05:10 PM

I'm ok thanks!


Pi.R^2 20-02-2020 06:05 PM


Originally Posted by Deborrah (Post 4263035)
By the way, anyone know which mod I could go to with an account issue? I made a mistake with my profile, oops.

(Just so it's easier to PM me as I don't show up on the currently online thing due to permanent invisibility)

zombiehunter 20-02-2020 07:25 PM


have you seen the sonic film yet??

Shirayuki 20-02-2020 08:11 PM

oh that one! i plan to soon! ^^

how are you ZombieHunter?

PiR^2, how are you? ^^"

zombiehunter 20-02-2020 08:12 PM

I'm ok thanks shira, how're you?

Shirayuki 20-02-2020 08:13 PM

i'm fine ^^"

any plans for today? (well the rest of today)

zombiehunter 20-02-2020 08:22 PM

nothing much to be honest

Cacoethes 20-02-2020 08:27 PM

I haven't seen it yet zombie!
I plan to!

zombiehunter 20-02-2020 08:35 PM

hurry up and see it so we can talk about how awesome it is :-D

there's one post credits scene

Shirayuki 20-02-2020 08:49 PM

who are you talking to? me or C? :3

Cacoethes 20-02-2020 09:30 PM

I'm currently incarcerated zombie but I'll see it asap!

zombiehunter 20-02-2020 10:03 PM

Are you in jail again coco and talking to us on a smuggled in phone? :-p

Shirayuki 20-02-2020 10:22 PM

X3 i don't think C's ever been to jail-

wait C, have you?

Cacoethes 20-02-2020 10:24 PM

Yes that's right zombie! :p

No shira, I have never been to jail!

Shirayuki 20-02-2020 10:25 PM

X3 okay-

how are you C?

tamobhuuta 21-02-2020 02:04 PM

Happy Friday everybody. There was no veggie option at lunch so I've made myself a jam sandwich.

Cacoethes 21-02-2020 02:07 PM

Hey tamo
That's really bad that there was no veggie option!

tamobhuuta 21-02-2020 02:16 PM

How are you Cacoethes?

Cacoethes 21-02-2020 02:21 PM

Been better but I'll live
How about you?

tamobhuuta 21-02-2020 02:24 PM

Not great. Feeling a bit annoyed because I gave the staff a letter and they've lost it.

Cacoethes 21-02-2020 02:38 PM

Oh how annoying
Hoepfully it will turn up

Shirayuki 21-02-2020 02:57 PM


the no vegie option sucks Tamo

morning everyone

Cacoethes 21-02-2020 04:20 PM

Hi shira
How are you?

nonperson 21-02-2020 04:33 PM

Morning all.

Cacoethes 21-02-2020 04:38 PM

Afternoon np!
How's America?

nonperson 21-02-2020 04:45 PM

It's ok... =/

Sister's wedding is this afternoon.

Shirayuki 21-02-2020 05:02 PM

i'm alive ^-^

NP! haven't seen you in a while ^^ i missed you ^^"

enjoy your sisters wedding!

nonperson 21-02-2020 05:08 PM

RYL is displaying really weirdly on my phone here.

The wedding is only going to be like 15 minutes long then we're going for a big buffet in the evening. Think I might be the only person turning up in shorts and a t-shirt...

Shirayuki 21-02-2020 05:19 PM

weird in a good way or a bad way? ^^"

0_o thats a REALLY short-
oh ok, i didn't read all the way through ^^"

well, at least you'll be comfortable ^^

nonperson 21-02-2020 05:24 PM

Weird in a bad and annoyingly hard to navigate way.

Yeah, well it's not religious or anything, kinda just in, out, done!

And yes I will be comfortable but it sounds like everyone at least has a "wedding outfit". There's no dress code though, sister's not expecting anyone to dress up but still, I'll look odd in photos.

Shirayuki 21-02-2020 05:31 PM

aw that sucks!

oh thats good to hear-

i went to my cousins wedding 2 years ago- i was stuck in an itchy dress and heels for 4 hours- i died, the dress was too long-

i kept tripping on it XD

its alright, well if there is no dress code then i'm pretty sure everyone else will be wearing something casual ^^

nonperson 21-02-2020 05:38 PM

Yeah I've done fancy weddings too. They're awful!

Need to get up and shower now and then decide whether to go for breakfast with everyone. See you all later.

Shirayuki 21-02-2020 05:39 PM


aw see ya!

tamobhuuta 21-02-2020 06:57 PM

My big sister got married in Cyprus and me and my younger sister were bridesmaids but luckily she let us choose our dresses.

Shirayuki 21-02-2020 07:28 PM

thats good

when they pick the dress... *shudders thinking of a 5 year olds hot pink frilly dress* lets just say it doesn't end well, it was my cousin though so that might be why

zombiehunter 21-02-2020 07:35 PM

Ive signed up for a 10 week martial arts course, I start on thursday

tamobhuuta 21-02-2020 08:29 PM

That's really cool zombie.

zombiehunter 21-02-2020 08:38 PM

i'll be learning krav mega

a thing came over my facebook feed saying they were doing a 10 week challenge course and I was like "**** it" and signed up

tamobhuuta 21-02-2020 09:30 PM

Awesome. That said, martial arts have never attracted me.

Shirayuki 21-02-2020 11:04 PM

cool! i did Karate for 3 years, kickboxing for 2 ^^"

didn't get very far-

i didn't like hitting people, to be honest i still don't ^^"

nonperson 22-02-2020 05:56 AM

I did one class of kickboxing a long time ago and really enjoyed it. Punching and kicking the pads was fun. Wouldn't want to punch and kick an unprotected person though.

not_so_insig 22-02-2020 10:40 AM

Morning all. It's my birthday today.

Cacoethes 22-02-2020 11:34 AM

Morning everyone

Happy birthday dawn

Eska 22-02-2020 12:07 PM

Happy birthday Dawn!

How are you both doing?

Cacoethes 22-02-2020 01:08 PM

I'm ok.
How are you eska?

tamobhuuta 22-02-2020 01:10 PM

Happy birthday insig!

Eska 22-02-2020 01:26 PM

Not bad thanks. Looking forward to watching the rugby later :)

Cacoethes 22-02-2020 01:41 PM

Who's playing?

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