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Cacoethes 15-02-2020 08:30 PM

How annoying np

tamobhuuta 15-02-2020 08:31 PM

That's such a lovely film, I hope it sorted itself out.

nonperson 15-02-2020 08:49 PM

Seems to be semi-fixed at the moment. It's watchable. =)

Should go make dinner now...

Cacoethes 15-02-2020 08:50 PM

What's for dinner?

I had pasta (surprising, I know)

nonperson 15-02-2020 08:53 PM

I'm also having pasta. =P

Third day running, hehe.

chinahorse 15-02-2020 08:55 PM

Just thought you were all crazy people having dinner in the middle of the night. But no.i just went to bed when I got in at like half 4 and had a nap and then have stayed in bed.

tamobhuuta 15-02-2020 09:05 PM

I had minestroni

Eska 15-02-2020 09:20 PM

I had ravioli.

nonperson 15-02-2020 09:24 PM

Tortellini for me.

That's a very confusing feeling when you have a late nap and wake up when it's dark.

Shirayuki 15-02-2020 11:42 PM

hi guys, whats up? ^^

yeah i thought i'd slept an entire day when that happened last time ^^"

how was your day today? *everyone*

haven't had dinner yet-
not sure what we're planning on having yet though

we made cupcakes ^^ they tasted pretty good we didn't have any frosting though ^^"

Cacoethes 16-02-2020 09:47 AM

Morning guys

chinahorse 16-02-2020 10:06 AM

Morning, any plans?

Ive been up hours and done loads and its only just gone 9am,.

nonperson 16-02-2020 10:21 AM

Morning both.

That hopefully means you can rest and relax and nap for the rest of the day, Lillie?

I was woken up at 8am by hammering through the wall from next door... Think they were having Sky tv installed.

Cacoethes 16-02-2020 10:26 AM

Morning both

No plans for me today
I tend to have Sunday as a nothing day

Well done for being so productive Lillie! As np said, hopefully this means you can have a relaxing day now

How annoying np!
Why do people insist on doing such work so early on a weekend?

chinahorse 16-02-2020 10:32 AM

Oh how inconsiderate np!

Nothing days are good :)

Have just arranged to meet dad and family at a local pub for lunch so will have to wash and make myself presentable. I look like ive put my fingers in the socket currently. My hair doesnt take kindly to being rained on.

nonperson 16-02-2020 10:33 AM

I could understand a Saturday, maybe, but not Sunday! Had a rubbish night's sleep as it was, really didn't need hammering at 8am.

Anywho... a nothing day sounds nice, Beckie. =)

nonperson 16-02-2020 10:35 AM

Ah pub lunch isn't too taxing and also quite yum. =)

Hehe, my hair doesn't take well to wind or rain either. When I get home from work sometimes on normal non-storm days my hair can be absolutely crazy.

Cacoethes 16-02-2020 10:36 AM

That sounds nice Lillie
I hope you enjoy!

So inconsiderate of them np!

My hair is actually ok with adverse weather

nonperson 16-02-2020 10:53 AM

My hair doesn't really agree with any weather. =/

Cacoethes 16-02-2020 10:53 AM

Oh dear!

nonperson 16-02-2020 11:08 AM

Yeah, I don't care too much. =P

Also dunno why I've just remembered this but the hairdresser the other day was like "Is this your natural colour..?" and I was like "Umm yeah, I don't really care about all the grey" heh. Thought it was a funny way to ask, it really doesn't look dyed.

Cacoethes 16-02-2020 11:09 AM

Haha! Fair enough!

How odd!

chinahorse 16-02-2020 11:17 AM

How strange of her np.

I have really bad indigestion. Boo.

nonperson 16-02-2020 11:18 AM

Usually they just ask if I've ever thought of dying it.

I need to get up and do things but I really can't be arsed. =(

nonperson 16-02-2020 11:18 AM

Oh no, Lillie. =(

chinahorse 16-02-2020 11:20 AM

Probably my own fault due to appauling diet and laying down after eating.

I know the cba feeling too. We can do it!

Cacoethes 16-02-2020 11:24 AM

Indigestion sucks

You can do it guys!!!

nonperson 16-02-2020 11:26 AM

I'm also pissed off because I can't seem to find any evidence of an online order I swear I placed! I've been waiting for it (new trouserssssss) but it doesn't seem to exist. Can't explain it.

chinahorse 16-02-2020 11:28 AM

A dream np??

Ive taken some omeprazole and am eating toasted pitta which usually helps.

nonperson 16-02-2020 11:29 AM

Noo, it was definitely real (I think........!) I had all the stuff in my basket for a while and was dithering about actually buying them... and then I swear I did it eventually so it would arrive before I went on holiday. I'm so confused. =(

chinahorse 16-02-2020 11:31 AM

Has a payment gone out your bank?

nonperson 16-02-2020 11:37 AM

Nope. I checked thoroughly. I must not have done it but am convinced I did! Oh well. I'm usually much more on the ball than this which is why I can't understand it, although all the evidence is pointing at me being a wally. =P

Cacoethes 16-02-2020 11:41 AM

How odd np!

Hope that helps Lillie!

The place that does the surprise holidays is having a 'broke sale'
So heavily discounted holidays.
Why are they doing this to me??

nonperson 16-02-2020 11:42 AM

I am odd. =)

Gah, that's just stupid marketing, tricking people into believing it's too good an offer to pass up, Beckie! Don't fall for it.

chinahorse 16-02-2020 11:42 AM

Beckie youve only just been on holiday!!

Oh dear np, least youve not lost any money.

Bertie is killing a penguin. Its rather cute to watch.

nonperson 16-02-2020 11:45 AM

No that is true, but I feel like I've lost some trousers that I'm convinced were mine! I'll just have to wait a couple of weeks and try again.

I love it when they kill things cutely!

chinahorse 16-02-2020 11:47 AM

If he was allowed outside Im sure Id get lots of 'gifts' of dead things. He likes hunting. Im looking at kittens online now. I shouldnt but I want to so bad.

Gargh should just get in the shower.

nonperson 16-02-2020 11:51 AM

I look at kittens from time to time too... Geordi would love the company but I dunno.

I had a "gift" yesterday morning... and one day last week I stood right on an organ that he'd left on the kitchen floor...!

Me too. =/

tamobhuuta 16-02-2020 11:51 AM

Morning all.

nonperson 16-02-2020 11:58 AM

Morning Tamo. =)

Cacoethes 16-02-2020 11:59 AM

But it IS too good an offer to pass up!

I knooow Lillie but I want another holiday! :p

Aww cute kitty.
I look at dogs on rescue sites sometimes. I'm not allowed pets though! :(

Ewww np
Our cats were outdoor cats and we'd always find torn apart rabbits under the horse rugs in the barn!
Was not pleasant!

Morning tamo

tamobhuuta 16-02-2020 12:02 PM

Our cat likes to bring in partially alive things.

nonperson 16-02-2020 12:10 PM

I get a mixture of live and dead. He went through a phase of leaving torn apart rabbits under my bed!

Partially alive is horrible. =(

Cacoethes 16-02-2020 12:13 PM

Sometimes I'm glad I don't have a cat

tamobhuuta 16-02-2020 12:13 PM

Luckily our gifts are never hidden and so are easy to clean up.

nonperson 16-02-2020 12:18 PM

You have somewhat nice considerate cats then Tamo. =P

Cacoethes 16-02-2020 12:22 PM

That's good tamo!

tamobhuuta 16-02-2020 12:24 PM

Just the one. He's the third cat we've had but they've all been quite similar in personality

nonperson 16-02-2020 12:44 PM

Cats are the best. =)

Cacoethes 16-02-2020 01:00 PM

I prefer dogs but cats are cool too

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