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Cacoethes 15-04-2019 06:53 PM

Sounds nice eska!

I dont find the ice cream van tunes to be that annoying!

Eska 15-04-2019 07:15 PM

It was good! Not that spicy, no, and pretty easy to make (it’s one of my go-to simple meals).

I haven’t heard an ice cream van yet where I live now.

Stellata 15-04-2019 07:27 PM

Looks like I missed all the excitement again...
I seem to be having my dinner later and later these days. I had veg stew from Sainsbury's.

Cacoethes 15-04-2019 07:33 PM

Sounds nice eska

Was it good katie?

Stellata 15-04-2019 07:37 PM

yes it was thanks Beckie. I have it often! It has veggie dumplings!

Cacoethes 15-04-2019 07:44 PM

Oooo I like a dumpling!

Stellata 15-04-2019 07:45 PM

Me too!

tamobhuuta 15-04-2019 07:56 PM

I love stew and dumplings. Tonight I had macaroni.

chinahorse 16-04-2019 07:39 AM

Morning guys! Hope you all have a good day.

This is too early to be awake in my holidays. Still need to convince myself to get out of bed and get going.

tamobhuuta 16-04-2019 08:34 AM

I'm up early to take the cat to the vet.

chinahorse 16-04-2019 08:38 AM

Same here tamo. Though I'm going to be really early I think. Life would be souch easier if I drove.

chinahorse 16-04-2019 08:42 AM

And I have too many clothes on and am boiling.

Cacoethes 16-04-2019 08:47 AM

Morning guys

Hope the vet goes ok for you both!

I'm seeing my CC at 9am. Booooo

Buttons. 16-04-2019 08:47 AM

I'm the opposite Lillie I'm wearing everything possible and still freezing. Switch? :P

Hope you're okay lovely, I'm just trying to keep it together, so far have managed to feed the dog, have a cig (outside obv) and although haven;t changed still look half way presentable. So I'm counting that as a (small) win.

Buttons. 16-04-2019 08:48 AM

Morning Beckie you ninja posted me! I think you need to see your CC whether you like it or not, same priniple as parents making kids eat their vegetables :P

chinahorse 16-04-2019 08:54 AM

Buttons is right beckie. It'll just make things worse if you avoid the cc.

Can't we just meet in the middle buttons? And both be an ok temperature? Well done on managing your tasks.

I couldn't eat breakfast as am having to starve the cat and it wouldn't be fair.

Cacoethes 16-04-2019 08:59 AM

Stop being so sensible both of you!! :p

Stellata 16-04-2019 09:13 AM

Morning everyone.
Shopping this morning for me, then support group this afternoon.

chinahorse 16-04-2019 09:30 AM

What sort of shopping Katie?

I'm treating myself to a starbucks muffin and drink. Baby Bertie is at the vets now :(

Stellata 16-04-2019 09:31 AM

Only food shopping.

Poor Baby Bertie. I hope he's ok.

chinahorse 16-04-2019 09:35 AM

Food shopping can be quite enjoyable if it's not too busy.

He's getting his manhood removed. I get to find out at 2pm how it went though I presume if there were any major issues they'd call me before that. I don't wanna go home though. It seems empty without him. Need to though. Got the drs at 11.15am.

Stellata 16-04-2019 09:37 AM

I'm expecting it to be fairly busy! At least I don't need much today.

I'm sure it'll be fine.
I hope the drs goes ok.

Cacoethes 16-04-2019 09:43 AM

Hope Bertie is ok Lillie
Good luck at the doctors

Hope the shop isn't too busy Katie!

chinahorse 16-04-2019 09:53 AM

Thanks beckie. Hope it went ok with your cc.

It's blumming freezing in Starbucks.

Cacoethes 16-04-2019 10:14 AM

My CC is being incredibly annoying!

What did you have at Starbucks?

chinahorse 16-04-2019 10:33 AM

Sorry to hear that beckie. What're you up to today?

I had a blueberry muffin and a caramel coffee frappe with cream. Am home nowbut can't nap until after the drs. Boo.

Cacoethes 16-04-2019 10:37 AM

Not a lot
Watching CSI atm and need to go to asda and slimming world tonight.

Ooo nice!
Caramel coffee frappe is my fav frappe drink.

Ah thats a shame!
Whens the doctors?

chinahorse 16-04-2019 10:45 AM

When don't you go to asda lol?! You enjoy slimming world don't you?

It's by far the best frappe I concur.

It's at 11.15 but he usually runs 85 years late. I need more sertraline though and I want to say thanks for keeping me alive. Otherwise I'd not go.

Cacoethes 16-04-2019 10:55 AM

I am always at Asda!! :p
Yeah slimming world is good. Definitely gained though, been so awful with food lately. Oh well!

Sounds like it's important that you go!
Not too long to go now
Is your GP far from you?

chinahorse 16-04-2019 10:59 AM

Oh dear, maybe going to the group will help you take back control again? I don't mean that to sound as awful as it does :/

Yeah, I just feel a bit embarrassed about how I was last time. Poor guy only asked how I was and ended up having to call the cmht to refer me to crisis. But things are a lot improved from then. It's like 3 doors away. About a 30 second walk if that and with him there's no point in being early. But km getting anxious waiting.

Cacoethes 16-04-2019 11:04 AM

No you're right!
The group does help

No need to be embarrassed! I'm sure it's not the first time he's had to do something like that.
He'll probably be happy to see you are feeling better

chinahorse 16-04-2019 11:16 AM

Glad the group helps.

True I suppose. Am here now waiting anyway.

chinahorse 16-04-2019 11:37 AM

Really should have gone to the loo before coming
Am still waiting.

Cacoethes 16-04-2019 12:12 PM

Hoping you've been seen by now Lillie!

chinahorse 16-04-2019 12:26 PM

He was 45 minutes late!

But am home now and making a cuppa

tamobhuuta 16-04-2019 12:34 PM

Hurray for being home!
The vet thinks the cat has arthritis.
Lunchtime soon. Going to have a jacket potato.

chinahorse 16-04-2019 12:39 PM

Poor kitty, have they suggested anything?

What will you have on it?

Cacoethes 16-04-2019 12:46 PM

45 minutes late??
That's insane!

Jacket potato is a good lunch

tamobhuuta 16-04-2019 01:01 PM

I had baked beans. It's great, you can get boxes of frozen potatoes and you just put one in the microwave.

Need to brush my teeth before my appointment, but just having a herbal tea now.

Cacoethes 16-04-2019 01:04 PM

I haven't seen those before!
How very convenient!

What flavour tea?

tamobhuuta 16-04-2019 01:08 PM

Chamomile :) how are you?

chinahorse 16-04-2019 01:12 PM

But you can just put a normal one in the microwave?

one_step_closer 16-04-2019 01:14 PM

I use the frozen ready baked potatoes too, saves hours in the oven from scratch or a soggy potato in the microwave.

Cacoethes 16-04-2019 01:15 PM

I always do them in the oven
Takes ages!

tamobhuuta 16-04-2019 01:16 PM

Yeah normal potatoes don't work in the microwave.

nonperson 16-04-2019 01:22 PM

I do them in the microwave first and then 20 mins or so in the oven.

chinahorse 16-04-2019 01:27 PM

I do what np does. Also speeds up the process if ypu shove a metal skewer through them in the oven phase.

nonperson 16-04-2019 01:29 PM

Ooh didn't know that.

I don't like the skin going too crispy when it's done for ages in the oven.

nonperson 16-04-2019 01:29 PM

*cry* Back to work time.

tamobhuuta 16-04-2019 01:33 PM

Hope your work afternoon goes ok.

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