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misskitty112 09-01-2011 07:23 PM

*hugs ward*
I feel like the ward is moving so fast for someone with the attention span of a peanut, like me. haha.

Anywho, hi ya'll.

SparkleKitten 09-01-2011 07:26 PM

*cuddles Kitty and Felicia*

The girl who deleted me from her friends list is under police caution (along with her family and a few of their friends) for harassing the friend I was speaking to and making threats towards his newborn baby, fiancee and her children. I certainly do not want people like that on my list!

MammaMia 09-01-2011 07:32 PM

*hugs all the wardies*

Ward's been moving fast today. Sorry for lack of individuals but I do care about you all & thinking of you. You'll get through these difficult times :) We all will.

I'm still feeling good. Got dentist tomorrow, dreading that ha. Trying to focus on the happier fact that my best friend is coming home tomorrow =)

Doikers 09-01-2011 07:32 PM

*Hugs Kitty*

*Hugs Lia*

*Hugs Felicia*

*Spot and hugs Helen and Sarah*

I've had to open my window my over set off my fire alarm....twice. :S

Doikers 09-01-2011 07:33 PM

Oh Helen I have the dentist for filling this month too , good luck with you appointment!

MammaMia 09-01-2011 07:34 PM


Originally Posted by IceQueenHasAHeart (Post 2647830)
Does anyone else ever get dizzy spells where black dots appear in front of your eyes and you have to shut them and lean on something until it passes?

YES!!!! Not always black dots. But yes I get those. I usually try sit/lie down (depending where I am). If you keep having them, please see a doctor aout it.

PsychoKitty2010 09-01-2011 07:35 PM

Hilo Felicia how you be? -waves sleepily-

-snuggles sarah- I be your friend. I wont delete you from my list.

I don't understand why I am so damn tired. It's getting ridiculous. Like I know I didn't get too much sleep last night, or the night before that, or the week before that. I got approximately the right amount of sleep I require in order to function. I would have just stayed sleeping this morning, but I woke up with an unhappy bladder and then couldn't go back to sleep. I know fatigue is a symptom of pregnancy, but I really don't get it. I know I lost one of my tubes, but I was never this exhausted the first go around. And you wouldn't think that losing one tube would change you that much, would you? And I am supposed to start school again tomorrow for spring semester...I'm just wondering how the hell I am going to be able to get through it when I am so tired. I just feel so drained. o.O And still not sure if I will be able to get my financial aid or not. They just told me to go to classes anyway until I find out, and if I don't get my financial aid, if they deny me, they said to "be prepared to withdraw". Aka be prepared to be homeless. I'm trying to look positively at it, telling myself they should approve me, but that guy's voice saying "it is possible that you can be denied" keeps playing through my head like a damned recording. Rawrs I just want to die so its all over. I just has no energy.

MammaMia 09-01-2011 07:35 PM


Originally Posted by Doikers (Post 2647988)
Oh Helen I have the dentist for filling this month too , good luck with you appointment!

Good luck :) I don't have any fillings. Well I do but half of one because I broke my front tooth, well half of it & obviously had to have something there!!!

****, I'm missing dancing on ice!!! *puts telly on*

Doikers 09-01-2011 07:43 PM

*Hugs Kitty* I'm sure they woulden't make a pregnant woman homeless , that would be so un-ethical , I really can't see that happening.

Thanks Helen , I'm pretty nervous but if it has to be done it has to be done.

PsychoKitty2010 09-01-2011 07:46 PM

-hugs mark- I agree that it would be unethical, but we use my financial aid to pay the bills, including rent. And if we cant afford rent, they will evict us..

MammaMia 09-01-2011 07:48 PM


Originally Posted by Doikers (Post 2647996)
Thanks Helen , I'm pretty nervous but if it has to be done it has to be done.

*cuddles* I'd deffo explain you're nervous, they will be really gentle & everything. My Mum is very nervous & they're always really nice to her. I get nervous but try & hide it lol.

SparkleKitten 09-01-2011 07:49 PM

*snuggles Ward* I'm so shocked at what people are like :(

FlyingNy 09-01-2011 07:50 PM

*Hugs Kitty* They shouldn't make anyone homeless, not if it's beyond their control that they can't work enough to get the money to keep their home.

*Hugs Helen* I've had them ages, but like I said, I feel alright, and I don't want to get anyone else involved in this. I'mglad you're still feeling happy :) I agree, we can all do this :)

*HUgs Felicia* This ward does move fast,and I have the same problem as you :) But other times it goes so slow I think everyone must have vanished off the face of the earth.

*Hugs Sarah* You're right, you don't need those people :) What's the matter?

*Hugs Mark* Keep hanging in there :)

SparkleKitten 09-01-2011 07:55 PM

*cuddles Lia* the girl who deleted me wished cot death on my friends baby because she lost a court case she brought against them (for stealing his half of the business) and another person just ripped into another friend who's losing weight from obesity right now saying she'll never be healthy or pretty and to give up now. I really can't believe what some people will do for their own gain

PsychoKitty2010 09-01-2011 08:00 PM

-hugs lia- I agree. But they do. They don't care about people. They care about whether they make money or not. And if someone can't pay their rent (or mortgage for that matter) they come in and evict that person (or family even). It's really sad, but that's what our world has come down to. As far as I am concerned, having shelter should not cost anything, period. It's a means of survival. Same goes with food and water and clothing. But our society has become so greedy they charge people for everything they can think of.

Does anyone know how to get rid of this tired feeling? My husband likes to tell me "just sleep". But the problem is, if I "just sleep", I would be sleeping all day and all night. I would never get out of bed. And I know that's not healthy. Well I wouldn't necessarily be sleeping because I can't really sleep anymore without my sleeping meds, but I would just lay in bed and not get out. My eyes aren't heavy or anything. It kind of feels like I have something really heavy laying on my chest. It doesn't hurt, but that's the best way I can explain the exhaustion I am feeling. If it is because I am pregnant, is there a way I can get rid of it, at least a little, so it's more bearable to do things during the day? Caffeine is good, but caffeine is bad during pregnancy. I was told during my last pregnancy that one cup of coffee should be fine, but one cup of coffee does not really help.

Doikers 09-01-2011 08:00 PM

Ohh Sarah people can be so awful to each other sometimes , you're better off without them hun ....*Hugs*

SparkleKitten 09-01-2011 08:14 PM

I am. The first friend just invited me round for a brew and to meet their new baby. Squeee so cute :) *cuddles Mark*

Edit - I don't know Kitty, I have the same problem with my arthiritis but I've never found anything to help :(

PsychoKitty2010 09-01-2011 08:16 PM

Oooooooooo babies <3

SparkleKitten 09-01-2011 08:20 PM

I know, she's a really cute baby too, and apparently really well behaved and sleeps and yeah, so cute. Too young for children myself yet so I go around all like aww at everyone elses lol I'm so strange at times

Doikers 09-01-2011 08:20 PM

Awwww littleuns , My neice is growing so fast , they get big quick!

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