Notes on Hospital Treatment

*Please remember that you may not be seen in the order you enter the Emergency Department. All Emergency Departments have Triage Nurse who will assess you and determine how severe your problem is and assign you a score. The order you are seen depends upon the reasons why you are there and what score you are given, this means it may appear that you are waiting longer than you need to be. The only thing you can do is try to remain patient about it. If you star feeling worse notify the nurse right away. 

*Whilst waiting to be seen, it is understandable to feel irritated. However, it is a good idea to try to avoid taking this out on the staff. If you are rude to the staff they are more likely to be rude to you which is not pleasant for anyone involved.

*A lot of the staff in the Emergency Department are very busy so they may appear like they don't care about you. Try not to assume that this is because you are there for SI related injuries, there are many reasons that can be held to blame; many which are unrelated to your problems. Remember that each Doctor and Nurse is taking care of several patients at once, and they need to make sure all of them are getting cared for. Because of this they can't always focus as much attention on one person as is necessary. Often times treating the physical problems takes precedence over giving someone emotional support. 

*Do not take blades, pills or other tools into the hospital with you. If you have them you may be tempted to use them whilst waiting which, in the end, will only lead to more problems. If found to be harming on the premises they may refuse to treat you. There is also a chance that they will think that you are unsafe with yourself which can lead to admission to a psych ward. Many hospitals also have weapons policies, and taking tools into a hospital can be seen as a violation of this policy and can make you seem like you may be a risk to the safety of the hospital staff.