Reasons for going to the Accident and Emergency Room

Sometimes, it may be necessary for you to attend hospital for a complaint associated with self harm. If you have any of the following, it is advisable that you seek medical attention immediately. However, this IS NOT an all inclusive list. If you have a medical or psychological emergency and feel that you need to go to A&E, you should trust your judgment and seek medical care. 

• A wound which will not stop bleeding after 10 minutes.
• A wound where the edges gapes open more than .5 cm apart.
• A wound where fat or tissue is visible.
• A wound that may have an infection 
• It is a 3rd degree burn and is larger than 2 fingers put together.
• It is a 2nd degree burn and is larger than 3 fingers put together.
• It is a 1st degree burn and is larger than 4 fingers put together.
• A burn that is on a joint, the hands, feet, genitals, face or the burn has jewelry, dirt or anything else stuck in it.
• A burn that goes all the way around a part of your body. 
• A chemical burn
• An overdose
• Fainting due to an eating disorder
• You need a safe place to go to avoid harming yourself.