Coping with grief:

Stages of grief, an article outlining the grieving process
Bereavement and loss, another good article giving an overview on grief, what to expect and how to cope.
Coping with loss, a concise article on grief and how to help others.
Coping with grief, this is a fantastic article giving an overview of all aspects of death, including losing someone as a result of terminal illness.
Coping with Loss: Guide to Grieving and Bereavement, this is an article that as well as helping with grief, gives information on the depression that often goes hand in hand with grief.
CRUSE Bereavement Care is a charity based in the UK, you can email one of their trained volunteers or call them.
Getting over Losing Someone, RYL's own article on coming to terms with grief - this article is not specifically on death.

Dealing with sudden, accidental or traumatic death, this article covers coping with grief in different situations and how those who're facing grief through different circumstances (ie murder or natural disaster) can have further problems and issues during the grieving process.

Death of a child/miscarriage:

Share, this site gives help, support and advice for parents who have lost a child during pregnancy and infancy.
Coping with pregnancy loss, this article provides help for those who're struggling to come to terms with a miscarriage.
Dealing emotionally with miscarriage, article on how someone feels after miscarriage and how to cope, as well as information for men.
Coping with miscarriage, help for men and women coming to terms with miscarriage.
SANDS is an organisation helping those who've been bereaved as a result of stillbirth or the death of a baby. They offer support for after the bereavement as well as helping people through the long term effects of losing a child so young.
Men and miscarriage, an article on miscarriage that helps couples to get through the grief together.
Silent grief is a website with several articles aimed at helping fathers through miscarriage:helping a man understand miscarriage, am i to blame?, what can i say to my wife?, what's wrong with me? [a look at depression in men as a result of miscarriage], lets fix this problem! [men struggling with grief], please stop crying! [men struggling to support their wives trhough a miscarriage]. More articles from the site can be found [here]. Again this is a religous site, but the advice does not push religion at all.
The miscarriage manual, a seies of good articles that aim to help couples get through a miscarriage

Coping with an abortion:

Loss by choice.. abortion, an article looking at abortion and recognising that mother and father alike should allow themselves to greive, interestingly this also looks at the mens perspective.
Coping with a termination of pregnancy, a brief article looking at ways of coming to terms with a termination
Dealing with an abortion, information from that briefly outlines how to cope.

Children and young people coping with death:

Helping teenagers cope with grief, an article that is brief and self-explanatory.
The Child Bereavement Trust, this site is there to help families in dealing with grief, [this] page in particular is about young people; explaining how to cope with teh various situation which will occur such as funerals, anniversaries, going back to school etc.
Winston's wish, again, a site helping young people and children come to terms with the death of someone close to them.
Helping your child deal with death, self-explanatory title, mainly helps in suggesting how to break news to a child of someone died.
RD4U is part of CRUSE but is specially for younger people struggling with the death of someone, again they can Private Message a volunteer or call a free-phone number.

Death through murder:

POMC is an American organisation helping parents who have a lost a child through murder; the site offers support through all possible eventualities including being in court as well as coping with grief.
Victim Support, this site though mainly concerned with helping victims of crime, also gives support and help for those confronted with traumatic deaths such as murder.
Support After Murder & Manslaughter is a website concerned with helping thse who have been involved or who are coming to terms with murder or manslaughter, this website also has a worldwide intiative unlike many other sites which are primarily concerned with the UK.
Coping with the violent death of a loved one; this article is from a site dealing specifically with death that occured through murder; more helpful for suggesting further resources.
Surviving a Violent Death: When accident, suicide or murder claim a loved one, how do you cope? This article talks through the different emotions felt after a death, especially focusing on the "what if" element of someone dying. Not that this should be anything against the article, it is from a religous website from what i can see, but religion is not pushed within the article.

Death through suicide:

SOS, this website gives help and support for people who've lost someone through suicide.
Grief after suicide, a Canadian article providing help for thos who've been bereaved as a result of suicide.
Suicide: coping when someone takes their life, a brilliant article on coping with the death of someone through suicide, the after-effects, emotions, physical effects and moving on afterwards.

Death of a pet:

Coping with the death of your pet, this article is helpful in that it focuses on the grief surrounding losing an animal, something which can often be difficult as people feel they "shouldn't" be upset just over a pet as it were.
Pet loss grief support: a site providing support for those who've recently lost a pet.
Pet loss, a website providing help for coping with the grief of losing an animal, a good site with information from an animal psychologist
Grieving the loss of a pet
, an article with specific information on how to come to terms with the death of a pet. Giving ways to cope and help on understanding how you're feeling