Reasons to stop

I want to stop so i can stop lying and hurting the ones i love .

I want to stop so i can feel real emotions again not the distorted ones sh gives meh.

i want to stop for thoose who i have lost
i want to stop so i can greve for all of u so i can sit think reflect without this new scar appearing across my face, chest or neck

i want to make thoose still aorund proud of meh

i want to see the light again and not be covered in this blackned darkness

i want to feel lyk i have something to live for again !

I want this smile on my face to be real.

i want to love and not hate

i want to feel lyk im worth something, i want to feel that i have achieved something

i wan to be and feel the way people see meh and think i am

i want to make my tutor proud

i want so much not to let anyone down

i wan to stop feeling lyk im different

i want to lok bak on my life and feel proud

most of all i want to stop being so self absorbed- SH makes meh feel lyk im always thinking about myself and not the others