Why we SI

In my opinion, there are several reasons why people Self Injure.

There are, of course, the 'Emo' kids who do it just for fun and because they

think it's 'cool'. But those aren't the real SI-ers. They aren't the people

who really need to hurt themselves. There are millions of people all over the

world who have an intense need to cut, burn, hit, or injure themselves in

other ways.
One reason people SI is because they get very depressed, angry, or

some other very intense emotion. These people just cannot handle their

emotions; they don't know what to do with them. So they cut to relieve

themselves of these emotions. So in order to release the emotions and get

relief from them, they must SI. They don't know what else to do. It could be

because they were not taught how to handle their emotions, or they were

taught they were not allowed to have these emotions.
Another reason people injure themselves is to stay in touch with

reality. Some people have a dissociative disorder in which they lose sense

with themselves. Or it could be less serious, and people simply feel out of

touch with reality. They will SI in order to feel alive or to come back to

reality. They need the pain to make them feel like a real human being.
On the other hand, some people SI for the complete opposite reason.

Some people can't stand the way they feel and what they are going through.

They want to escape from their lives for a little while, so they hurt

themselves to go numb. This helps them deal better with what they have to go

through. They need to get away and have some calmer time.
Some people will Self Injure as a way of punishment. They feel that

they must be punished for something they have done or something they have

felt. Often times, the person feels guilt because of something, and they SI

in order to relieve this guilt.
If a person is very anxious, selef injuring themself could be a great

release of that excess energy. It helps them calm down and get in control of

their anxiety, instead of their anxiety controlling them.
This is just a look into why people injure themselves. The reasons

could be different for every individual and should not be generalized.