Top 20 Reasons to stop self harming

1. The longer you go without self harming, the better you will feel about yourself, and the better you feel, the less you may need to self harm and so on.

2. You can put your mind to other things instead of constantly thinking about your addiction to self harm.

3. You will no longer have to worry about the harsh judgement of others regarding your self harm, and the feelings that go along with being judged.

4. You will be a stronger person because of stopping, letting go of an addiction is an extremely difficult thing to do and is something to be proud of.

5. It will teach you to look at things in a different way when it comes to coping with problems.

6. Many people take up a new hobby of some sort to keep their mind distracted, so you will be SI free and have a new hobby!

7. You will no longer feel the need to hide from others, keep secrets and push people away.

8. You will no longer feel guilty for not sharing your secret with your closest friends and family, especially when they share their secrets with you.

9. You will have better judgement and be able to recognise what is bad for you and what is good.

10. And consequently make better decisions about staying away from what is bad and hopefully be more attracted to the good.

11. You will know that you have stopped for yourself and not to please other people.

12. You can then use your experiences to help others.

13. You will be a role model for those also looking to stop and can provide advice and encouragement.

14. Stopping SI means you are then free to deal with the reasons/issues behind your SI in the first place.

15. Friends and family will no longer be checking up on you and asking to see your arms etc.

16. Your cuts and wounds will heal and your scars will fade, giving you more confidence about your body.

17. You will be free to do the things you enjoy, no more worrying about people seeing your cuts when swimming at school and on beach holidays with your parents.

18. You can wear swim wear, t shirts, shorts and skirts again when its warm.

19. When it comes to relationships you will no longer worry about your boyfriend/girlfriends reactions to your cuts when your all naked and such!

20. You no longer feel disappointed in yourself for slipping up and relapsing, and you finally get to wear an orange and white bracelet so everyone will know how well you have done.


There are of course millions of other reasons to stop Self-Harming - can you think of one? Why not add it by clicking on 'View and make comments' and help create a truly great list of reasons to inspire!