Hello everyone, I am darks. How`s it going.

I use to be a suffer from depression, including injuring myself, anixiety disorder and seizures.

Yes, I still sometimes have panic attacks from my anxiety disorder and somtimes seizures, but they`re more rare after I was put on the right medication. As for depression...I had to change my way of thinking, attitude, everything. But it was all worth it. Here`s some tips to the sufferes out there:

1. Ask yourself questions. Example:

`What would people say about my scars on me`

`Can the problem be solved`

`Do I want to keep on suffering like this`

`What would someone saw if they say this`

`Don`t I want to be set free`

2. Think of your loved ones. Think: If a loved one was hurting themselves, how would I feel. Do I want them feeling the same pain...Watching them suffer

3. What will happen after you injure yourself

4. GET HELP. You don`t need to fight this alone. I learnt this one the hard way. Trust me, your loved ones will thank you.

5. Find a better hobby to spend your time. Get a job. Keep your mind busy.

6. Find another way to express yourself. For me, it`s writing stories and poetry.

7. Sometimes, talking to someone on the internet is a good thing. I mean, if you`re talking to someone you don`t know and doesn`t even know what you look like can`t harm you, right

8. Sleep the pain away. You may feel clearer in the moring.

9. You may be like me and need medication to help you.

10. Counsilors do not always help. Even with best intetions, it can make you worse...And uncomfortable. It did that for me.

11. YOU NEED SUPPORT. You need a back up net incase you fall. The best back up net is a loved one.

`Well, here`s some advice. Hope it helps and good luck to your recovery.

xxdarkness` kidxx