Skin Camouflage from the British Red Cross

Skin Camouflage from the British Red Cross

The British Red Cross offers the most established and experienced skin camouflage service in the UK.

Their recruiting policies of volunteers is very rigorous and careful, and have to display an ability to work with others demonstrating great sensitivity and respect.

Skin camouflaging creams are lightweight, waterproof (enough to go swimming), do not rub off onto clothing and are very effective at covering scars. They are, however only temporary but can be left on for 2-3 days (removal from the face at night is recommended).

The creams cannot flatten raised scars or fill in sunken scars but they can even out the skin tone to give less of an impact.

This service is available to everyone free of charge (donations are welcome, if you can.)

All types of scar are suitable for skin camouflage, no matter how big or small, no matter how they occurred and/or where about on the body. The entire body can be covered if necessary! No judgements are made.

Before receiving treatment there is a 45min - 1hr consultation with a skin camouflage practitioner to determine the tone and colour of your skin and show you how to apply the creams. Follow-up appointments are available if you need more assistance or a re-match of colour tone because of your sun-tan!

To use this service you will need a referral from your GP or consultant. Look in your local telephone book for your nearest branch of the red-cross and ask for the therapeutic care service co-ordinator who will be able to advise you where your local skin camouflage clinic is held. (Hospital, gp surgery, red cross branch.)

The Red Cross can only use creams available on prescription and do not promote any single brand. The practitioner will write down what you need so that you can get them from your GP on an NHS prescription.

People who are scarred from Self-injury are welcomed by the Red Cross and the National Self Harm Network recommends their services.

For more information on scarring, scar treatments and treatments for self-use:

Scar Information Service

Po Box 2003


Hu3 4DJ


0845 120 00 22


Just a personal note to add to this:

I went to my doctor with the details of the Red Cross and their camouflage service. It took me so many months, so much stress and willpower to go for his help. The way I saw it was that it was up to him whether or not these people who were willing to help me, were actually going to be allowed. He was there to judge me on the treatment I deserve.

His answer was straight. He said 'no'. I had caused the damage myself and there was no way I was going to get any help unless I saw a psychiatrist. no matter how many times I told him that I already been to see one, he didn't listen, he didn't care. It wasn't his life. Why should it matter what he said?

When in reality all he had to do was sign a form.

A couple of weeks later, when I had got over the stress and the humiliation of the appointment with the doctor, I called the Red Cross and explained the situation. (THIS IS STRONGLY WHAT I RECOMMEND YOU DOING IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING THEIR SERVICES.)

All they had to do was send a simple form off to the doctor. HE had to sign it to say that there was no MEDICAL reason why I could not have the treatment. The form didn't even say that I was a self-harmer, even though the Red Cross were fully aware of it.

The doctor signed the form and a week later I got an appointment.

Written by Darkducky

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