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First Aid Advice and Information

Hello and welcome to the First Aid section, here you should be able to find answers to the most commonly requested first aid questions. We have a variety of articles on subjects related to self injury, eating disorders, medications, and general health. 

If you are having difficulty finding an answer to your question you can post in the First Aid Forum [link] Please also read the First Aid Articles before posting. Alternatively, you may wish to send a private message to one of the First Aid Advisors directly, a list of the advisors can be found in the First Aid forum. The current Advisors are: Bitter_Angel (head) and Animad.

RYL's First Aid Advisors, the forum and the articles are not meant to replace or supersede the services of a trained medical professional. We understand that it may be difficult to speak with a medical professional, however, we greatly encourage you to always seek professional assistance in the event of an illness or injury. In the event of a medical emergency you should always seek help from an ambulance or hosptial.

Here on the Main Site First Aid section, you will find information about:

So have a look around :)

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