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Abuse and Bullying

Abuse and bullying can affect anyone at any time and the consequences can last a lifetime. It doesn't matter what race, gender or age you are, you have an equal chance of being the victim or even the perpetrator of abuse and/or bullying. Although it's more commonly known that females are sexually abused/raped the knowledge of male victims is becoming more recognized as a serious problem.

But abuse isn't just sexual. It can be physical and emotional too and all are just as horrific and hurtful as sexual abuse. There are many sub-categories in emotional abuse such as: Name-calling, Emotional neglect, Blackmail and Invalidation. . Physical abuse is intentional harm done to a person's body such as slapping or beating with a part of the body or an object or punching/kicking a person or child repeatedly.

In this section you will find numerous articles and Frequently asked Questions about the many different aspects of all forms of abuse and bullying, the effects that they have upon our lives and how to cope with those effects such as grounding techniques and moving on from bullying. Many help lines and helpful websites are also included.

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