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Eating Disorders
Hello and welcome to RYL’s Eating Disorder Section! Firstly, we would like to bring to you a welcoming atmosphere towards eating disorder recovery and support. We mention a welcoming atmosphere because although RYL would like to offer you with eating disorder recovery and support information, we would also like to strongly mention that you don’t have to be ready at all for recovery to be here. We hope this place will provide you with useful information, which may help you with understanding the various types of eating disorders (EDs). Along side information about the different types of eating disorders, you will also find information on healthy eating as well as stories from other members who are going though similar problems.

There are four more commonly known eating disorders than any other. These are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Compulsive Overeating/Binge Eating Disorder (COE/BED) and Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS). They are the typical eating disorder types that have been diagnosed most of all. However there are at least five other types of disorders that have been recognised and named. Pica, Orthorexia Nervosa, Body Dismorphic Disorder, Nocturnal Sleep Related Eating Disorder (NS-SED) and Bigorexia. Our links to the left when clicked will explain what each eating disorder case is about.

Eating disorders are more commonly found in young teenage girls. But research shows that eating disorders are now steadily progressing to more and more teenage males. Also along with the typical age range becoming much more widened. Eating disorders in their more serious stages can become very life threatening which is why it is so important to identify them before they reach the stage of ‘fully blown’. Any type of eating disorder can become very damaging to the persons health (mental and physical states) at any stage though. Overcoming an eating disorder is in no way easy, but with the right help and support it is possible to do!
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