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never thought this would be me

if you would have told me 2 years ago i would be hurting myself i would have laughed in your face and told you you were crazy. but now i do it almost ever started 2 years ago my moms boyfriend started to rape me and i started to slowly stop talking to my friends and hanging out with them. after that i became alone and got realy depressed and the only thing that helped me relieve the mental pain was physical pain at first i was just friction burning with erasers (like burningskin by erasing skin) then i started cutting which helped me alot and i dont know what to do. i wanna stop but its my only way to cope. - 11889 Views

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Constant Battle.

I am 20 years old, and I have been through so much in my life its unbelievable. All I want is to feel happy again. I don't feel anything anymore, I'm just numb all the time. I stated Cutting a few months ago just to feel something, to prove myself that I'm still here. I never even meant to start, but now that I have I cant find the strength to stop. I carry something with me in my purse everywhere I go just in case I need the relief of feeling alive while I'm out. I'm just so scared and Ive never felt so alone in my entire life. I need help to get through this, because at this point i feel like Ive lost myself and the real me is never coming back. Its a constant battle I'm dealing with. - 11890 Views

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my story of self injury Read Biography - 1397 Views

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I never saw this coming

I wont talk to my goes nothing. Read Biography - 1571 Views

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Me and Self Harm

I don't know if this will help anyone but here is my story... (WARNING MAY TRIGGER) Read Biography - 1795 Views

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One Day, I'll Be Okay

This is me. Read Biography - 1205 Views

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me as ive never said it before

what self injury has been for me has simply been to in some sort of way gain a distraction from myself. This might sound strange. I'm not going to over simplify my entire life story in a paragraph because from what i gather from reading things on this site is that a life can be full of hardship, great sadness and loss but although you can say this happened and this happened you can't really illustrate in a paragraph the real sadness or pain that thing inflicted. Also i think the point is to explain that because these things happened I've and others have been left with a very harmful habit or in some cases an addiction to self harm. the reason i started was (and now I'm starting to cry) is that the cuts and blood were my own. the warm blood filled a cold crushing emptiness and a loneliness that id always felt. In some ways it was a pent up frustration and need to get this anger and hatred out of my body by opening it up and let it flow out with my blood. I've never thought this out before and i cant imagine this being much use to other people (although i hope it does but it probably wont) i been self harming for two years Jesus two years .... - 14079 Views

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how i got here :S

my life story, it sux Read Biography - 1041 Views

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This is kind of hard for me because when ever I tell my story I am told I simply do it for attention or for no reason at all. I have been a cutter just over a year, my 2 best friends had really intense problems going on and always came to me to talk about it and get advice, this was really hard on me. I also lost my first boyfriend which sounds dumb but he was my "rock"
That's when I cracked and since then I have gotten worse and worse, I want to get better most of the time but some of the time I just don't see how it's worth it. I would love to talk to anyone who needs someone to talk to, I am a good listening ear, and know what it's like to be lost and alone! - 14201 Views

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I am who I am.

This is me. Read Biography - 1062 Views

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