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Easily Irritable & Agitated...

Heyy there guys.
I was just wondering if any one could give me a few reasons why people can become irritable and easily agitated like I am at the moment.

It only hit me last night that yes, I am actually becoming really easily agitated by things, it's only when I realised just how small the things were that were annoying me to the extent did I realise something might actually be wrong.

This evening I had a fight with some one (over the computer) who I really didn't want to fight with nor mean to :/
I really don't know what's going on with me, but she's noticed this for a while aparently, although I only noticed it last night.

But yeah, what are like the main causes for easy irritation and agitation. Because it's really starting to put a strain on things, and I don't want it to ruin everything I have.

I just want to know what's wrong with me so I can sort it out.

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Well, there are lots of reasons why someone could feel irritable and agitated. Being under a lot of stress or a lack of sleep or food are a few of them. For females, the "time of the month" can make you feel really grouchy and agitated as well. One of the symptoms of depression and some anxiety problems is feeling very jumpy and irritable too. Does any of these sound particularly like you, or do you think it may be something else?..

Most, if not all, people understand that we get agitated and irritable from time to time for some reason and wouldn't make too much out of it. If it's really worrying you, maybe you can explain to that person the reason why you got upset when you've figured it out and apologise.

It's good that you've picked up on things now, then, as you say, you can do things before you feel too much of a strain on you :)


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Target Dawn
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^^The above explains it pretty much.
Another cause is also hypomania or mania but unless you have bipolar disorder it's probably not the cause.
As well as getting too little sleep, sleeping too much can also cause irritability.

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I can get a lot like you, usually it is when I need my own space. If people are around me talking to me about this & that while I want to be alone I get very irritable and can make an argument about nothing. My dad is stressed at the moment and he easily gets irritable & agitated very easily so i guess stress can be a major reason why this is happening.

It might be helpful to goto a relaxing enviroment if you feel this way. Make sure you will not be disturbed. Maybe put some relaxing music on, dim the lights then lie down and do some deep breathing. Aromatherapy helps me a lot when I need to relax when im feeling agitated, if you would like to try out aromatherapy you can PM me or talk to someone in a store where they sell essential oils about how to use them properly if you don't know already.

I hope what I have said has helped and made sense. Take care of yourself xx

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