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Is Citalopram addictive?

Hi, does anyone know whether citalopram is addictive? I'm just curious because a couple of times when I've forgotten to take it in the morning I've felt really shaky and tense and then figured out that it's because I've forgotten to take it. I tried coming off of it a few months ago which didn't work, mainly because of bad timing. My fiance figures that anything that makes you feel good must be addictive!
Has anyone else come off it or gone down the doses? How was it?

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I know what you mean. When I forgot to take my Citalopram I get loads of anxiety. *HUGS* It's not addictive though. Take care. xo.


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No, citalopram side effects from skipping a dose are nasty.
Just keep your doses well timed and everyday and you should be fine.

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I never get any problems from skipped/missed doses or when I've stopped cold turkey but I guess it is just me. I don't think it is addictive. It is just the withdrawel effects.

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sherlock holmes
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It's not addictive, no.

If you forget a dose you will go through slight withdrawal but it doesnt mean you are addicted.

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addiction and withdrawl are differnt things all together. Its not addictive just that your body gets used to the medication being there an dosnt like it when its not there

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No they're not addictive. It's just that they leave your body quickly so that when you miss a dose the levels in your body drops suddenly which can cause side effects. Try reading this booklet from helped me when I wanted to know more about citalopram before I took it...
Hope it helps

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Thanks everyone, that was helpful. x

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I've been on Citlatropram for 2 years, one day I'm going to be on a lower dosage & then stop taking in completely. I'm a bit worried, but there's always advice on how to come off meds completely.

It relaxes me, but I can't take it for life.

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It's not addictive, but you build up a physical tolerance - meaning your brain gets used to the chemical changes the meds cause. This means that they cause withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking them suddenly. SSRI's are particularly bad. Abrupt withdrawal can cause fatigue, headaches, nausea, vomiting, chills, dizziness, shaking or tremors, insomnia, electric-shock like sensations, vertigo, confusion, sometimes suicidal thoughts and "brain shivers". These symptoms are collectively known as SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome. Luckily, those symptoms can usually be mostly avoided by gradually reducing the dose over time, so the body has time to adjust.

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