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Wound Care Question - Tick Bite, Scar Itches


I'm new to this place but I thought I would share my story as I was looking for the reason why my scar itches. I think I found it on another forum.

About 3 years ago I was visiting my Sister in North Carolina and was walking through the woods and must have gotten a tick. I went back to her house and attempted to remove the tick. I thought I had it all but was never quite sure if the head was left in there.

Time passed and I developed a red bump and it itched very bad on a daily basis. And this tick bit was in my pelvic region so it's not a place where you want to be itching all the time....

Around 2 years after and suffering day to day with horrible itching sensations I decided to go to the Dr. and he told me to put some cream on it... I was very upset at this answer. I had constant itching that lasted sometimes hours on a daily basis and I was convinced that there must be some piece of tick left in there!

Time to take matters into my own hands, I proceeded to attempt to dig this piece of tick out of my pelvis!

After a few minutes my wife walked in so I had to quit. I made sure not to go to deep and to only stay "skin deep". And I never found that freaking piece of tick I was looking for.

It helped the itching for about 6 months and then it came back. It's been 2 years since I tried to dig it out and it just itched this morning like crazy and I had a hard time driving and scratching my crotch at the same time. So first thing I did when I came to work was try and look something up which brought me to this site.

I guess I will try some cocoa butter.

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its not unheard of for scars to itch anyway, and i would think if there was a piece of the tick left behind then it would have become infected or been destroyed by now

im not sure though, you would have to wait for one of the FAs to come online

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No! Don't try to cut anything out! As said above, any foreign body like a remnant of tick would have become infected and worked its way to the surface long ago. If you dig around in there you will not find anything and will just do damage to yourself, risking infection and additional problems. You need to go back to the doctor and explain how irritating and constant this itching is. It could be related to the scar, or you might have an infected hair follicle or something in that area. Often a steroid cream will settle down irritated skin, if that is what you have been given. You should give the cream a try but if it isn't working after a week or so (or whatever time period you were told to use it for) then make another appointment to see your doctor.

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Same as forever_blonde says.

If it was the tick causing the problem it would've occurred after a few days, not two yrs so it's likely to be something else in a similar situation. DO NOT do anything to try and 'aid' the situation yourself as you will only injure yourself further. Also the scars can cause pain and so this is likely to be part of it.

As said above, there is likely to be a different underlying cause for the itching as wel as the scar. Using local anaesthetic creams may help, as may some antiseptics but it depends what it's like and you should discuss this with your GP to see what it may be.

It will NOT be the tick causing the problem; I know quite a lot about ticks and that just wouldn't happen; a few days, maybe a couple of weeks but no longer than that would they cause any problem with your skin.

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I have now locked this thread.

This is because we have decided that original question and detail gone into isn't appropriate for this site and we are not here for general medical advice or advice which goes against that of your doctors which you have previously seen which you appear to be asking. An awful lot of problems can cause itchiness in that area and lumps. Without being seen we cannot say.

Because of this you are best off going and talk to your doctor regarding this and take there advice whatever it is. It is MUCH more likely to be a problem totally unrelated to the tick.

Also, as you have perviously sought information from a doctor because of this it breaks the rules of the first aid forum under the following rule;
6. Advising someone to go against or disregard the instructions of a Doctor is prohibited. Because of this we cannot give advice for a condition diagnosed, or undiagnosed for which you are already under the supervision of a medical professional. Because we don't know what your doctor has told you, we have no way of knowing if the advice we give is what your Doctor would want you to do. If you have sought treatment for a condition and are continuing to have problem you need to speak with the doctor or medical professional that is treating you. The RYL First Aid Advisors are not here to replace the care of a doctor, and because of this we can not ethically and legally issue advice once you have sought treatment from a higher level of care. The exception to this rule are questions about wound care, and questions about symptoms you aren't sure about.

Example: "I went to my doctor because of xxx problem, but he didn't do anything about it, what should I do?"
or "My doctor told me I have xxx problem, and told me to do xxx, but it's not helping, can you think of anything else to make me better?"

Example of what IS allowed: "I have an ED which I see a doctor for. Recently I've been getting xxx, could this be related?" or "I saw the doctor about this wound, and they told me xxx, but now I have xxx, should I go back to the doctor or not?"
If you have any further questions regardingf this closure feel free to PM me about them.


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