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Wound Care Question - What Happens if you don't get stitches if you need them?

I have a wound and I believe it may need stitches, but I suffer from anxiety and can't get to the hospital to get it checked out. So if I don't get stitches but get it checked out on Monday will this be ok, will it just scar more or do I need to go essentially.

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You really should go get it looked at if you think you need stiches. If you don't go then it will proberly scar worse and take longer to heal, plus there is a higher risk of infection if you don't get it seen. Better to get it seen to now than risk complications further down the line. Hope your ok, i'm only a pm away if you want to chat. X

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Depending on when the cut happened, They may not be able to stitch it by Monday. Also, not having it stitched will increase the chance of infection and the scarring will be more severe and take longer to fade. Essentially, you need to go as soon as possible

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As well as what has been said above if there is further damage done that what you realise it will go unchecked.

In the meantime between now and getting it checked follow the advice in the wound care guide

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