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Medication Question - weaning off frequent zopiclone

The past month I've been taking 3.75mg zopiclone every other day, and herbal nytol the days inbetween.

Therapy has started back now, so the need for such intense sedation is not there as much. [I'm also on 30mg mirtazapine, every day].

I do see my GP on Friday, but was wondering if anyone knew of a good weaning off schedule.

I actually took zopiclone last night and the night before, too.

Should I do it gradually, like one every 3 days, then 4, and so forth? Or just stop 'cold turkey'?

I've had a bad experience of a severe panic attack possibly connected with zopiclone withdrawal, nearly 2 years ago. So I really really want to avoid that!

Normally, I only use zopiclone not much more than once or twice a week or less, except when I'm in crisis and need to take it more frequently.

Thanks. :)

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They took me off it in hospital and give me PRN tamazepam/lorazepam upto 4 times a week.

I havent took a sleeping aid for over a week now.

I really think its best if you ask your dr..

take care x

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There is little we can say here apart from that you are definately best to wean off it rather than stop altogether overnight. Discussing it with the doctor you have an appointment to see on Friday is the best course of action to take.

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i think doing things gradually is always kinder to your system. i've been on it for Ages now, but when i change over or increase its always gradual. if in doubt, consult your prescriber, be that your gp or cmht

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I didn't sleep well last night at all. Ugh.
I'll ask my GP tomorrow morning when I see her.

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speak to your doctor about it. s/he will advise you on the best plan of action

Some days are still hard but they make the good days seem all the better :)

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Thanks everyone.

I saw my GP this morning, and she advised me to stop taking it altogether for now, and only take it when I really need respite from the anxiety, irritability etc. She said that then it will work better on those nights I really really need it.
That makes sense. And I've managed two nights in a row without additional sedation... I feel way more alert [which has pros and cons... as it would for anyone with PTSD...] and am doing ok, apart from some grouchiness, but I'm pre-menstrual as well, so...
My GP also said that it's ok to take the herbal nytol more frequently if I need, rather than going straight to the zopiclone.

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