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General Medical Question - Non Urgent - bruises appearing for no reason

as it says in the title..
ive been feeling ill recently and have felt nauseous.
i have been finding that purple bruises appear all over my body for no apperent reason..i havent bumped into anything. i havent done anything for them to appear.
they are big...they are purple to start off with and then go a yellowy colour after a few hours!!

i have also been getting spots around the area of the bruises.
at first i thought they were insect bites but now im not too sure as they are big and sore for a few days and then the soreness dies down and they just look like spots but they arent...i cant get to my doctors as yet (and even then you have to wait over a week for an appointment)

im worried because i dont know what is causing this.

any ideas?

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yes, i have an idea but i'm not going to post because i am not a doctor, but i would get to the doctors ASAP. if you cant get to the doctors, call the NHS helpline, if they think it is serious they will take you into hosptial where you can have the tests you need.

Have you been feeling tired at all?

It could be something simple, like not enough iron, but it could be something serious too.

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i have normal iron levels as i was checked a few weeks ago...(i have been taking iron tablets as i had low levels a few months ago but thats ok now)

i would ring nhs direct but the phone has been cut off as its been a tight month so its on incoming calls only. can you email them? ive heard someone say you can but i dont know for sure.

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hey there are alot of possible causes and only your gp will be able to do the tests and stuff to find out the cause.
if you have been felling dizzy and nausiated that would be in line with having low blood pressure
which you could have if your blood is thinning
this could be because of a prescription medication, you dont say if your on anything, but if you are check the information leaflet
and even if its something you have been on for a while they could have changed the ingreidents/ manufacturing process to cause this side effect
and if you have recently taken an od it could be a side effect of that

but really you need to see your gp who can check your blood pressure and do blood tests and things

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the only medication im taking is for my asthma. preventor and releiver inhalers.
i am trying to get an appointment with my gp. the only thing i can think of is to walk down their later and make an appointment. but its over half an hour away on foot.
i'll see if i can borrow a neighbours phone when they get home.

but thanks for your means alot.

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Do you have red dots on you gums/ the pink bit on the inside of your eyelid?

Have you got an ED or poor diet? It is a good thing to see a doctor as it can be a sign of a few things. It can also be a sign of Vit K deficiency. This can cause blood thinning and therefore can lead potentially to low blood pressure and increased bruising.

NHS Direct Website

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thanks for your going to the walk in clinic tommorow to see my GP. will let you know what they say

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ok, i really hope that all is ok, Im sorry i have no idea but i would advise for you to go get checked out.

Good luck, best wishes Jen xxx

Here is an angel of healing i drew for everyone needing that extra hope... God bless you all and i wish you a speedy recovery...

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