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BMI/Numbers/Weight Triggers - Going out tonight...

ahhh, im going out with some girls tonight, i havent seen them in 4yrs and im really nervous.I've been worrying about what i am going to wear, how im going to look, if im slim enough etc...
i know i must sound ridiculous but yeah im panicking, im scared people are gonna look at me and think im huge....

I know im in the 'healthy' weight range...19.5...
i still feel disgusting though.
i want to feel pretty...

i actually dont know why im posting this,
just, yeah...


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C h l o e
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Sweetheart you are going to look gorgeous okay. =)
Like you said yourself, you're also in the healthy range, but it wouldn't matter if you wasn't, wouldn't matter at all because they are all meeting up so that they can see the person they knew 4 years ago, and that's the person on the inside.
All's you need to do is remember that these are your friends and you will all have a bloody good time =)
If it helps why don't you plan everything today. Get everything out what your wearing, how you're doing your hair, times of everything and just make controlled so that you are in control and you've allowed yourself to getready, relax etc =)
Have a lovely night yeah =)

Chloe. xx

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Remember happiness is just a teardrop away...
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*hugs* You will look fantastic!!! You are so gorgeous hunni and they will simply enjoy your comapany more than anything. Try not to focus on how you willl look, hope you have a good night.


Dream more than others think is practical...
Risk more than others think is safe.

Every second being upset is a second of happiness you will never get back…

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Apathetic without the 'A'
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Sweetheart no one will think you look huge, especially because you're going to look drop dead gorgeous.
When you're out with your friends focus on having a good time, not on what you look like and it will all be fine.
Like Chloe said, if it helps plan everything today. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready so you're not rushing anything and if you have time beforehand pamper yourself! Take a long bath and just relax. It'll help you calm down before you go out.
Have fun when you're with your friends and tae care sweetheart.

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awww thankyou guys! your replies mean alot to me *hugs you all*
I have my outfit layed out, my make up and jewelery are all out too. I'm off into town in a bit to try and find a new bag, im going to start getting ready at it all just really nervous.
You're right though, they are my friends, ive just gotta kinda get to know them again...its going to be weird feeling like the 'n00b'!
Thankyou so much though, you've made me feel alot better...
I will post some pics tomorrow or something, if im not too hungover! haha!
Love you lots
Gemz xXx

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*hugs* hope u have an awesome nite out with the girls lol go paint the town red!
Ash xxx

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Keep Smiling
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i hope it all went well Gem! *kisses*

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she's the glowing sun, so come out.

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It was a good night...although i think i had a bit too much to drink!! lol! I'm paying for it now! it was fun though and my friends are fab.
you know police should really learn to stick to the speed limit while driving through town, i nearly got run over...twice.
Although i might not have been keeping an eye out for cars and such...i was too drunk!
My head hurts! x

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