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Apathetic without the 'A'
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Right, although I hardly ever eat it, I absolutley love cooking. I'm always cooking meals for my mum and my sister and making sure they eat everything up.
I was looking around on websites and a lot of people were saying how much they hated cooking (those with EDs/generally disordered eating) and it made me realise that I love cooking and feeding other people.

So does anyone else do that? Enjoy cooking meals and feeding other people.

Just curious. x

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plastic rose
tough cookie.
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Absoloutely. I love to cook, although I dont normally get to cook for my family, I do bake cakes and stuff all the time and give them away rather than eat them myself. Its very relaxing and fulfilling to cook.

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surprising mystery
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Oh god yeah, I love baking cakes even if I dont eat them and I love feeding other people with good food. I was like that with my ex, I spose its a bit of a 'mothering' instinct, but I would make nice meals and wash his clothes and make sure he was warm. :S Im a bit strange though

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wants to be the girl with the most cake
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Yep I love cooking too, especially big hearty meals for my man! He's a skinny rake though. And I love to cook for people in general, it makes me feel good, though I'm always terrified they won't like it!

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I do that, i always make sure if someone’s eating, they have to eat it all, i always cook, i suppose because i hardly eat myself, i feed others.

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Keep Smiling
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i love making food for people! i like to make sure the people around me that i care about are eating lots... i've never really known why.

x x x

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C h l o e
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Location: Wigan
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I llike to cook, but i never get the chance. Don't know if it's related or not. *ponders* =)


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You are free.
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It is actually suprisingly common to find people with eating disorders - especially restrictive eating disorders - focusing on feeding other people, and enjoying cooking. It can be explained (although not completly) as a body coping mechanism - when your body goes into restrictive mode, it's an adaptive mechanism to make you realise how much you need food, like you become obsessed with it. Interestingly, when I was in the Eating disorders unit, watching Ready Steady Cook was a neccessity. We would have to watch it, and although I remember I wanted to watch Neighbours, the other seven patients were far too obsessed with RSC to allow me to watch it!

That is actually one of the ways that other people can chart how I'm doing eating-wise; the more I'm restricting/slipping, the more I cook!

Perhaps you can try to allow yourself something small as well, when you cook for other people - just try to have maybe a small portion of whatever it is you're cooking; the best chefs always try before serving, or so says Masterchef!

Take care,
Jo xo

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hey :)

i absolutely love to cook as well, especially for my family and although it has always been my passion, it hurts that i cant eat the food that i cook, i have to rely on smell. i really love cooking for my dad because my mum's cooking isn't all that so i try and make up for it. but i hate using recipie books,i just make it up as i go along, im a free style cook i guess, i never measure amounts either. but yeah cooking rocks!

~*~ Luv Shrina ~*~

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yeah i read somewhere that a symptom of EDs is cooking for others and loving watching others eat what they have cooked.

youre not abnormal, dont worry!!

Jade xx

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