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Snow White.
I am a fairy.
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RYL Forum Moderators Introduce Themselves!

Welcome to the
RYL Forum Moderators!

We work here to help keep the website a safe, happy, and comfortable place for you to get the help, support and friendship that you need from website.

You can see us around, our usernames are red and you can see us on the staff listings page, too.

We're here to help you!

The Head Forum Moderator is:
Aimee in Wonderland.

You can contact a moderator personally via a Private Message,
or send the team an e-mail at:

And now, our lovely introductions!

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Snow White.
I am a fairy.
Join Date: May 2004
I am currently:

Hello :)

My name is Aimee, and I have been a member of RYL since early 2004, but a moderator for a little less of that time! Though, I am very much enjoying being able to help out and listen to what you want, and what you need from the website - and we'll work for you!

I've self harmed for about five years or so, I'm still in treatment for that but I have a lot of faith that things are able to get better, and that with things like depression you can really learn a lot and grow strength. Gosh, that's so mushy. I'm in recovery now & enjoying my life a lot.

In 2009 I am beginning my Psychology deree, which is rather exciting and I am looking forward to immensely. What excites me most I think is the people, the atmosphere, and a chance at a whole new way of life. I had last year off study, though, so that will be pretty hard to part with.

The two most important things you should know about me is that I love to help people out here, so don't be afraid to approach me if you need too :) The second is that I'm very bad at writing these introduction things so I will probably end this one here.


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Dangerous Obsession.
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I am currently:

Hello There!

I'm Sophie, I live in Southwest England at the moment [I'll be moving in September to go to Uni]. I have a long history of Self Harm, from when I was about 12 onwards, although more recently I seem to have recovered *touches wood*. I have also suffered with an Eating Disorder, and although that is also pretty much gone, I still get the usual resurges of it.

I am very interested in anything creative, particularly Photography, which I study at college and intend to study at University. I'm also interested in Dance, Drama and anything musical. It is one of my life goals to become an Art Therapist.

Marshmallows make me want to puke, remember that.

I've been a member for 3 years and was a Supporter before being made a Mod. If you ever have any issues, PM me and i'll get back to you as soon as I can. I specialise in ED-related issues, but I'm happy to help with anything here.

Well, I think I've rambled enough. I'll let you get on =]

Playing with fire,
You know you're gonna hurt somebody tonight.
And you're out on the wire,
You know we're playing with fire.

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Mrs Sam
Nothing Special
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I am currently:

Heylo :)

I'm Sam (or samantha). I'm 26 and i'm a science teacher but i work for a company not a school (it's complicated!). I have a degree in chemistry and a masters in drug chemistry and i also completed 2 years of my phd but i gave it up as it was way too stressful!

i'm married (since 1.09.07) and we have owned a house together for 4 years. i have 9 guinea pigs and some fish and i love taking photographs and gardening as well as spending time with friends.

i orginally joined RYL because of issues with self harm and was clean for two years but have had a bit of a rough time recently. ive also had some eating issues and am diagnosed with severe depressive episodes and OCD and PTSD.

umm i cant really think of anything else to say, so bye!!

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Something Special.

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Head of Chat/Forum Mod.
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Location: London.
I am currently:

Hi there!
My names Olivia (but please for my sanity call me Liv, Olivia is only to use when I've been very naughty!)I am 22 and I am training to be a teaching assistant.
I have been a member since 2004 but I lurked a lot and its only in the last year or so that I became an active member. I havent self harmed in over 3 years.I only became a moderator yesterday so please excuse me if it takes a little while to get used to things!I am also a supporter which means I have a very busy ryl scedule at the moment! I really really like helping people-however I usually tend to PM members rather than reply to their threads,I dont know why this is!But yes....I like sending PMs and recieving them (hint! :P )
When Im not on RYL I spend my time reading,watching tv and generally relaxing. Or I spend time with my boyfriend,usually at the pub if Im honest! But yes, Im very friendly if a little shy so please dont hesitate to get in touch.
I look forward to seeing you all around RYL.
Take care,Liv.xxxx

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There are times to stay put, and what you want will come to you.
But there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for yourself.
My spoken words.
I aint no abacus but you can count on me.

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The Shadow of the Day
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Location: Scotland


I'm Lindsay but you can spell my name any way you like, I don't get hugely annoyed about misspellings! I'm 22 from Scotland. I hope to be accepted on a clinical psychology course soon. I enjoy reading, playing guitar, and being on here.

I've been a member since ruin but I wasn't very active back in those days. I have struggled with depression, suicidal feelings, SI, and OCD since my Mum died in 2001. I am a carer for my elderly Dad.

I am also a supporter which I enjoy hugely. I think that's all about me, sort of. If you have any questions just get in touch.

Take care.

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I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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Head forum moderator
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I am currently:


I am Camilla/Cam I am 24 and I am currently travelling around the Middle East before moving back to England at the end of June. I graduated from uni nearly 2 years ago and one day I hope to go back to do a clinical psychology doctorate.

I joined RYL in 2005 and pretty much posted since then, I have had self harm and eating problems for the last ten years or so but I think they are finally on the backburner and life is going great.

Anyhoo I am also deputy supporter and on the advice team so I am always willing to help in anyway that I can.

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When we lose twenty pounds... we may be losing the twenty best pounds we have! We may be losing the pounds that contain our genius, our humanity, our love and honesty. ~Woody Allen
Is a chocolate muffin loving glitter ball

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Forum Mod
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I am currently:


Im Liz, Im 16 (nearly 17) and from South Wales. Its very wet and there are lots of sheep. I am currently studying A-levels, I have chosen Fast Track Maths, Art, Physics and history; I hope to study architecture at Uni.

I was first on the Abuse and Bullying contruction team, helping getting everything set up on the main site, then I became a supporter, and as of yesterday I am now also an ED forum specific mod. This mean that I specialise in moderating and working with the members who frequent the ED board, to help them get the most out of this site.

I've been a member of RYL for over 2 years now, self harmed for a little bit longer, but im decreseing my dependancy on it with the hope of stopping soon.

When not on RYL I am an avid sports woman and train nearly every day, but I also like reading, writing, painting and computer games. Most of all i love helping people, so if you need someone to talk to, or have issues that you need the moderators to deal with/be aware of, or just need help with your maths homework! Don't be afriad to drop me a PM.


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"I would be almighty in my own world of art, even if I had to paint my pictures with my wet tongue on the dusty floor of my cell." -Picasso
"No, painting is not done to decorate apartments. It is an instrument of war." - Picasso

'I have scars becuase I have a past; but they, like my past, do not define my future'

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Forum Mod
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Location: Yarnia
I am currently:

I'm Amaryllis and I'm in my twenties. I like reading and writing and crocheting and just generally making stuff. I'm really kind of a boring person, but I have the fun talent of making everything a story. I like telling stories. I love sports and doing things outside, but I have to work within some specific limitations.

I've been a member on here for about two years, but I've been self harming for about ten. Currently I'm working on not needing SH anymore instead of just not doing it. It's a lot harder to quit this way but I think it's a bit more effective in the long run, at least that's what I've found.

Feel free to ask me for help around here!

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Men come and go, but dust accumulates.

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Life is a contradiction at times - as am I
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I am currently:

Hi there!

I’m Kel - or my nickname is Tough Cookie, I’m 23 and I have recovered from Anorexia, i am also WELL into SH free time (look in my profile), and well on the road of recovery from my…! HA. I still have obsessive-compulsive issues and I also live with something called Severe Osteoporosis...oh and i have dyslexia so dont expect my spelling to be much good¬

I always find it a bit weird to introduce myself because I’m up to so much these days! As well as being a ED Board specific mod here and a Supporter I have a 1st class degree (woop), I’m starting to train as a counsellor, I’m a part time lecturer at a college, I volunteer with young carers, beat and as a Freedom Fighter… and if all that wasn’t enough I like to consider my self a writer as well – though I’m not published (yet).

When I’m not doing all that…well it doesn’t leave much else time so generally I am asleep or RYL! I love to live such a full life because I survived against the odds which gave me a new appreciation of things.

I love picnics, carrot cake, singing in the car, watching Criminal Minds/CSI/House, reading, people watching….. and loads more but I’ll be quiet now!

I’d like to think I approachable – so feel free to PM me

Kel x

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“Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles.”

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Tears and Rain
Forum Mod.
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I am currently:

Heylo :)

I’m Alex, I’m 18 and I’m currently finishing up my first year at university studying Psychology with Sociology.

I’ve been around RYL for quite a while and have been self harming for longer, but since making a step for myself last year and heading to the doctors I’m hoping I’m slowly but surely on my way to ‘sorting my life out’… as it were.

In my life apart from the obvious uni escapades of drinking, sleeping and sleeping and drinking some more, I help out in a primary school as a classroom assistant once a week and also love swimming – despite not being able to drag myself away from my bed most of the time to get there!

I’ve met some fabulous people and fantastic friends during my time here on RYL, but if I don’t know you already feel free to come along and say hi – I’m pretty sure I’d love to get to know you too :]

That’s all I can think of to enlighten you with currently so I’ll stop rambling on now!

Take care of yourselves.

"Be nice. Think happy thoughts. Champion silver linings. Love all things (not just cute things like babies and kittens) & when you do love - love like they do in power ballads (you know like on a cliff with the wind in your hair and your eyes shut, knowing you'll never know love like this). Watch out for dog poo. Smile at people - even grumpy ones. Remember anything is possible & whatever you do always try to look on the bright side."

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squirrelspit's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2007
I am currently:

Hi.. im Charlie.
Ive been around for quite a while, but under different names. xsugarandspicex anyone?! no.. ok then.

im 23

i moved to London just over a year ago and now live with my partner.
I work as the bar manager in a music venue. If you ever come to a gig, tell me, ill buy you a drink.

Im on RYL most of the time, so if you ever need anything feel free to get in touch.


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*First Aid Advisor*
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Location: Narnia
I am currently:

Hey, Im Kim. (dont use my full name else i will )
Ive been on RYL for just over 2 years (gosh it seems like yesterday when i joined). I struggle with SI, depression and PTSD.

Im kinda in college but off for the summer so spending most my time on ryl, so if you have any questions feel free to drop me a pm. I am also a first aid advisor for the site and so you can often find me hiding out in the first aid forum.

I think thats all you need to know but should you want to know more or to chat feel free to pm me, im sure i will reply.


Eva. Gone, but never forgotten 27.3.10

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sherlock holmes
do you like my potato?
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I'm Sarah, nearly 21 (I love saying that for some reason?!).

Some of you might have a feeling of deja vu, I used to be a moderator until I resigned a couple of years ago after being discharged from hospital. I wanted to focus on my recovery, but now nearly a year SI free I thought it was time to return (and thankfully the rest of the mods agreed!). I am also a supporter.

I have been a member of RYL since the ruin days (ie a very long time ago), in fact I can't remember a time when RYL wasnt a part of my life!

After a long period out of education I have returned to college one day a week for a short counselling course. I hope to return full time in september to study an access course.

I love chocolate milkshake, especially galaxy, so feel free to bribe me with some :D

PM box is always open even for random PMs. I don't bite!

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back, everything is different…

you once called your brain a hard drive, well say hello to the virus.

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