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Wound Care - stitches, bandages etc

I got stitches for the first time last night so I'm not sure how I should look after my cut. I've got to keep them in for 7 days and they put this wet gauze thing on before the normal gauze and then a bandage. How often should I change the bandages? Do I have to keep it dry? Should I leave the dressing on or take it off and change it? If I have to change it what should I change it to as I've never seen the first gauze thing he put on before? Any advice would be welcome.

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You should have been told how to care for your wound at hospital and given a wound care advice sheet, You should call your A&E and tell them that you where in lastnight and that you need advice on how you should care for your perticular wound. You should leave your dressings on until you see the nurse at your local practice.

You can just go back to A&E because as your wound was only last night, they will be able to give you more dressings if needed you can ask for some more as well and they should be able to give you a couple with no bother they will also be able to show you how to take care of your wound and how to dress your wound.

We the first aid team are able to give advice on how to care for your wound but you should go back to A&E first and see them as soon as you can

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same as guardian angle really
u should be able to go bk the A&E and tell them that u need some advise on hw to care for ur cuts. because it was only last night they should give u all the advise and infromation and dresssings that u need to keep and eye on it.
hope u r ok.
keep urself safe

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keep it up guys
we can all do this as one big family

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