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Are you eager to do more to help RYL? Here's how.

Has RYL been there for you when you've needed it? Are you interested in giving something back? Are you eager to do more to help RYL? Are you pro-active, dedicated person?

If the answer is yes, read on - here's how to do just that.

For nearly two years now, RYL has had in place a team of dedicated members providing support for other members via a live help and e-mail system. As RYL and it's membership grows and develops, the busier the system gets and now, after the move to V3, we're looking to expand that team.

So, why should you become a member?

Becoming a member of the support department is a great way to develop yourself as a person - if you're already someone who finds it easy to listen, understand and relate, then supporting on RYL in your own time is a brilliant way to fertilise and enrich both yourself and your skills. Not only that, but it gives you the chance to give back to a community that helps hundreds upon hundreds of people deal with their self-harm.

So, if you're organised, focused, committed and positive about working for RYL - get in touch!

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Message to all who knew me on here, and anyone else who's interested; if you want to get back into contact PM me for my email, I promise I'll keep an eye on them. I won't be posting around on the boards very often anymore, because, I'm pleased to report, I have recovered :)
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