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my scars are so itchy, anything that will help?

my arms are always itchy and its hard to try and not itch them when im around people etc
im using bio oil and stuff to try and get them to fade cos im going on holiday this year with my family
but is there anything to stop this itchyness? its driving me crazy

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My scabs get real itchy like that, I take hand or body moisterizer and rub it onto my arms. It keeps the scabs moist so they don't itch, it might work for scars, not sure.

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My legs are crazy itchy all the time where my old scars are. I try to keep lotion on them, not wear anything that rubs up too much etc. They make anti-itch creams/sprays if you run out of other options.

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i hate it when my scars and cuts get itchy.
I find a gentle moistureiser helps. Not one with a stong perfume in it just a gentle one.

And as someone already said, dont wear clothes they run along your skin.

Try not to scratch coz scratching and cause scarring.


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I didn't know that scratching caused scarring....thats good to know...thanks peanut. :D

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I use dexpanthenol+cortisone cream to my scars, it helps to reduce the itch.
I've got this big x-shaped scar that itches like hell at evenings. I don't know why, but the itching starts always around 7 pm or so. But it helps when I put a thin layer of cream on to it.

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Mine were itching pretty badly today and I was sitting there trying to itch without looking my friend that was sitting by me (who's also the only one who really knows) gave me some neosporin that had pain relief stuff in it which I'm thinking that the pain relief stuff made it I assume that any anti-pain/anti-itch stuff would work.

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This is going to sound really really odd.
But my doctor actually suggested teething gel.
It numbs it. I use it for the itching, and sometimes, my scars just plain hurt.
It works well for either.

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I find that my scars itch so darned much if I dont keep them moisturised, the best things I've found are natural body butters, I've found the more natural and less scented they are the longer they work, also anything with Cocoa Butter in works like magic! Hope this helps!!

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i just found out thad A&D ointment (diaper rash cream) works too. i had it arounf the house for mytattoos and i asked my friend and it wont get shallow cuts or scabs infected.

. Im kinda stuck atm.

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Dreamer And Believer
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I use Neosporin if I have it; if not lotion. But my cuts itch like crazy all the effing time unless I put stuff on them.
be careful though; don't be dumb like me. Neosporin stains close & I just ruined a brand new shirt w/o even wearing it once as a result =(
just thought I'd add that warning.

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