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Triggering (SI) - In need of a little support....

Hey all...I just need some hugs and love....things in my world seem to be spiraling out of control. Summer has things should have gotten easier for a college student right? Wrong. I'm interning, working, and taking class all at the same time...and I feel like I'm just lost. I went home on Friday to go to the races...I went and started smoking again....dang slip-ups. Plus I began questioning my happy relationship....for an old flame. Then last night when I re-jioned here I was alone again. I got very scared and began having triggering thoughts...I instead went to bed...but those thoughts haven't gone away yet.
Any thoughts/hugs would be much apprechated!

Until the Sun Rises...

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Lost in the Darkness searching for the Light
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hugs for you

Hey jen

first of all plenty of supporting caring hugs for you

you have alot of things going on, interning working and taking class,
can you stop some of it and have a break.
please try and relax
and try and deal with one thing at a time
sorry your relationship is giving you worries, im sorry your on your own
please know you have us here for support
be gentle patient and keep posting,
try to stay distracted use ryls distractions, talk to people here,
take care

" Use only that which Works, and take it from any place you find it"
Im Honoured My RYL Sons are :)Atlantica,
,Saint of Misery, Stevevaijr
My Adoptee :) S_Pod live help

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How are things now?

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pea soup
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much love.

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thinks are okay today...I'm begining to realize my biggest fear is not having something to do. I began having thoughts of the not so happy type this morning..and the only thing that kept me from searching for my tools is knowing I had to go to class in a couple of minutes. And now I'm on my way to intern.

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hey jen
maybe it's good then that you are keeping yourself so busy? just make sure that you are giving yourself enough time to breathe
do you have somebody you can talk to when those thoughts creep in? a friend or a therapist? keep talking and posting here
stay safe hunny


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