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I feel really sick all of a sudden?

Literally, in the matter of a few minutes I feel sick. I feel very sick. I'm extremely tired, chest pains, eyes are heavy and I can't focus. I feel have a bit of nausea and a headache. It's like someone flipped a switch.
I didn't do anything really today. Went to a pet store that's it. Didn't hold any animals or anything either. I've eaten okay today. Just what I normally eat. Apples, cereal, shrimp. I've eaten more, just recently to see if it's low blood sugar...I'm feeling worse.
Part of this doesn't make sense, I've had 5-6 cans of soda, and the most recent 30mins ago. I should be hyper, yet I'm struggling to write this. This is really out of the ordinary - I thought I had gone through everything until this. Advice?

If it BP is 97/62 and my pulse is 90.

i've taken my bp/pulse multiple times over, my pulse is still 90 (after I've sat down for 10mins). Bloodpressure (just now) was 102/58

Erm...what would it mean if now there's a pretty bad pain up the left side of my neck? It's actually really bad...maybe it's unrelated. I don't know.
EDIT (feb. 22): They don't know what the f*** is wrong. Seriously. Blood tests and all that...I'm suppose to rest and "take it easy" (yea okay, that is easy for you to say). But I'm okay...for now. Hospital is always a hop away //sarcasm

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The way this is so sudden, I think you should see a doctor or go to a walk in clinic. If it gets worse, go to an emergency room.

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you are loved and beautiful :)
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hmm i'd go to the hosp.. cause at least where i am in jersey (well when im not @ uni) there arent any walk in places i dont think, hope you're ok

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With it so sudden, and having chest pains you should go to the hospital and get checked out to make sure it's nothing serious. It's hard to suggest anything at this point since it just started, and like I said, anything with chest pains needs to be checked out by a doctor.

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hope you feel better soon hun x

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Hope its all okay! xxx

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Because I ended up not being able to breathe, I ended up in the ER. At first they thought it was my asthma -nope. So the hooked me up to the monitors and left. I was waiting for "my" doctor to come (apparently I saw the one who sees "real" emergencies?). He looked at my history beforehand, and came in telling me I was having a panic attack. I've had these before, plus the medical symptoms don't exactly fit. So that was a no. So, at this point, he has no idea (all the time I'm struggling to breathe, and my pulse has jumped to rest around 105). He leaves me with the nurse, who took some bloods, she made this weird noise when she saw my arms -but I was too sick to really tell her off. She leaves, I hear her mention something to the doctor as he comes back in (obviously regarding my scars). In comes my doctor, he sits down and asks if I've taken anything (no!). Then suggests that I may have alot of anxiety mixed with the flu (okay?). So he (FINALLY) gives me something for the pain, and adds some other medication to calm me down or something. I was freakin' knocked out, literally with seconds, my head hit the pillow. Woke up today, everything was alright, and was sent home. I feel definately flu-sick now.

Frustrated now because I have no idea what the hell diagnosis he made (the discharge paper said "chest pain"). I mean, great, they made me better -but I'd really appreciate the next time they tell me when they're going to drug me.

So, that's how it went.

Stay Safe Tonight

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wow that sounds intense - i'm so glad you are okay though but yeah that's weird because you still don't know what it was! could you call and ask or something? i would want to know in case it came back!


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Tried and they said "you can request medical records through writing to *info here*, and you may pick them up in 30 days". They also told me that they may remove things that would negatively impact me or something like that. Whatever, waiting a month seems not worth it.

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Guys, I have a really bad headache. I've taken excedrin migraine earlier today, didn't help. Even though I'm not suppose to, I took excedrin pm about an hour ago. It hasn't help. If anything my head hurts more. I seriously can't stand this. It like...wraps around my head. From the front right side, to the lower right side. Just before my neck starts. It kills. Even more when I stand up. Any advice on what would help?

Stay Safe Tonight

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I'd say that you go back to the hospital again and let them do a spinal tap to outrule meningitis, not to freak you out, but...


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I already had the vaccine though :\

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Becca, ther are many different strains of meningitus, and there isn't a vaccine for all of them yet....

Please go back to the doctors and get them to check you out again.

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Fell asleep last night. I barely got out of bed, more awake now. I'm calling my doctor because I feel horrible still. No, worse. Get this, my pulse is again resting at 94. Shall update you later.

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Accidentally Abstract
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Hope you get better soon & they get to the bottom of what's wrong *cuddles*.

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technically, meningitis is an inflammation of the layers that cover the brain (called meninges). meningacoccal (A, B, and C last time i checked) is the disease, or rather the pathogen which can cause meningitis among other things. just because you have had a meningacoccal vaccination does not mean you are immune from meningitis, cos other things can cause it. besides, from memory there is only a vaccine for one strain of meningacoccal.
in the mean time (i realise this is a bit late probably) GO SEE A DOCTOR!!!!
chest pains need attention and investigation asap, while migranes that are not helped by pain relievers also need investigation pronto.
a resting heartrate of 94 either means you are really unfit if thats it normally(the acceptable heartrate range is 60-100, with really fit people at the lower end of the scale, less fit people on the upper) or have injested a stimulant of some type. however, if your pulse is normally 60-70 at rest, and its now in the nineties at rest, it probably really needs investigation.
let us know how it went
ps - i am not a first aid officer for RYL. i just have an interest in these types of things as well as a few current nursing textbooks

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