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Goat Bite

Ok, I know this is a bit of an odd question, but is there any disease I should worry about if I got bit by a goat? Not just niped, but full on broke the skin to the point I had to glue the skin on my finger back together where it bit me, and I bled a lot.

I can't see the doc, it's a really long story as to why, but the short version is me and my friends were high as a kite and we weren't supposed to be messing with the goats we were playing with and could get in trouble for all of that.

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Is your tetanus jab up to date hun?
Not too sure but I can find out for you tomorrow if you like, as we have goats at uni.
Hope your ok.
You should get it checked, even if you were high, patient confidentiality and all that?

Last edited by Neon. : 17-02-2008 at 11:27 PM. Reason: yep, i meant tetanus not TB. silly me.
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^ Do you mean tetanus? You need one of those every 10 years (I think, somebody please correct me if I'm wrong).
The mouth of goats are generally not very clean places, so try and keep the wound clean. If it gets infected, then please see a doctor, but otherwise it should be okay. As always though, it's better to be safe than sorry and if you are worried then please don't hesitate to see your GP. They shouldn't even ask what you were doing when you got the bite, and they have to keep it confidential. You can always say you don't want to go into how/why you got it and they shouldn't push the matter.
Take care.

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You need a tetnus every 10years, with the wound as long as it is kept clean and dry there should be no problems but if it looks like its starting to get infected go see a doctor they wont ask how its done if they do just make up a story thats what i done when i got bitten by a rat. just make sure you check on your tetnus and you should not have a problem, hope that helped.

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Thanks guys... It's red and warm, but it could just be from the trauma and not infection, I'm not sure.

As for a tetanus vaccination, I haven't had one since I was a kid, because I'm allergic to them :( So I basically just have to be careful since they can't vaccinate me against it.

If you get rid of the pain before you have answered its questions, you get rid of the self along with it.
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i'd got to the doctors. they cant tell anyone how it happened. and it really needs looked at. especially if your tentus isnt up to date.

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I don't know of any diseases that are specific to goat bites, but any animal bite should be looked at by a doctor because mouthes are full of bacteria, so there's an increased risk of infection from animal bites.

And you absolutely positively will not get in trouble for telling your doctor what happened. That's exactly why doctor-patient privilege exists - so people can be honest with their doctors without fear of getting in trouble for something they've done. The only time a doctor can legally report a patient to the authorities as a perpetrator (or potential perpetrator) is if the patient confess to abusing a child and that child is still at risk, or if they make serious threats about harming another person. And they can only even report the patient as a victim (or potential victim) if the patient is a child (or dependent adult) who is being abused, or if the patient is a significant danger to himself (which pretty much means suicidal - things like substance abuse or SI aren't reportable). If your doctor did report you to anyone for playing with the goats, he could lose his license, and he'd also be vulnerable to a law suit over it.


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just say you were at a petting zoo?? mand x

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Mand x

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Oh no! Nasty goat.. I love goats... but not biting ones.

Keep an eye on it and go to the doctor if it gets weird.



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Ok, I know this will be unprofessional, but EWWWW, goats are icky.

You should absolutely go to a doctor, I have no idea if goats have any specific diseases, but their mouths have gotta be dirty as all get out. I honestly don't care what you tell the doctor, but you really should go.

There is also the risk that if it bit you hard enough it could have chipped the bone or fractured it (this is common with dog bites on hands/fingers and i'm not sure how hard a goat bites).

Honestly, the doctor isn't going to care if you were supposed to be where you were when you were there, you really should get checked out.

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