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How long should it take for scars to turn white?


I have scars that either had stitching or needed stitching that are still red after two years, two and a half years in some case. Is this an indication they are keloids rather than hypertrophic? How long should it usually take a hypertrophic scar to turn white? Do keloids ever go white?

Thanks in advance,


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I have keloids that are still red after about three years. Whats a hypertrophic scar? I've never heard of one of those. Hope you're ok hun xx

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Hey hun! I have a lot of hypertrophics. ^^ Theyre similar in apperance to keloids but they dont continue to grow and change shape like keloids... A lot of my hypertrophic scars are sunken and may have needed stitches or are raised from steri strips. Ive had some of these scars for 2 years and they are beginning to get smaller but they are still pretty red... Id say it will be another year before the redness begins to disappear but Id say it varies from person to person... I havent really answered your question but to speed up the healing process use scar reduction sheets, bio oil or any good moisturiser with vitamin E in it. Also make sure not to expose hypertrophics or keloids to the sun for too long as they will go sensitive and BRIGHT RED!!


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the scars need to be stimiulated to encourage them to heal, use an oil like bio-oil or something similar with vitamin e in it and massage the scars softly everyday for maybe about 30seconds, until they are soft, you'll see them fade slightly as you massage. hypertrophic scars are a real bitch, i've got a few that took a good feew years to turn white, hope this helps. xx

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hey, am sorry to say i have various scars and they took years to turn white, some of the more severe ones had to have laser surgery to get them a pale pink colour!

bio oil is supposed to be really good at helping them fade quicker tho!


Laura x

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yeah bio oil is good for scars, but coz its so expensive i cant afford it all the time so i started to use that E45 (i think thats what its called) cream, and thats pretty good too :)

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To those who had red scars for more than a year: have you been using scar reduction products on them? If so, did you start from the beginning when the scar was still maturing?

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I have keloid scars that have finally turned white, it took about two years but it happened. I think it also depends on where on your body they are, because the ones that turned white are the same size (they were gaping) as the ones on my arm, but the ones on my arm are still raised and purple/red. I think either way it just takes a lot of time, but they'll be less obvious eventually.


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