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Positive recovery post - over two weeks!

It's been two weeks since I last cut. The last time I cut I cut so deep I needed staples. After that happened, I haven't done it even though I have urges. I've been learning how to fight it but it's so hard sometimes. Cutting is so addicting.

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Congratulations! I know how tough it is to get through more than one day without cutting so two weeks sounds like an excellent beginning to a much longer recovery hopefully. Have you done anything to reward yourself for not cutting for two weeks? It might be more of an incentive to continue it if you plan potential rewards for each week that you go without cutting. It can be something like a special treat of a food that you really like. Or it can be to go on us Special outing or to spend time with a friend that you haven't connected with for a while. Point being reward yourself for doing two weeks because that is amazing. Way to go!

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Very well done! That is a great achievement. I hope you can keep going and keep learning new ways to manage things.

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Really well done. It's so tough but you should definitely be proud. Keep it up. =)

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Very well done!

I agree with activebrain that you should reward yourself.

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