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tragus piercing advice

Heyho lads and lasses,

Just a quick one...

I kinda want to get my tragus pierced but I listen to my music with ear buds quite a lot and was wondering if anyone out there has it done what there experiences are like with headphones? I don't want to loose sound quality or anything. I also appreciate the using headphones during the healing process is a bad idea, so I wouldn't, I have successfulled healled my rook so I have a rough idea what I am doing.

Thanks guys :)

Luce x

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i was wondering about that too lol

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Haven't really got any solid information, but i had a friend who got it done, and she still uses earphones, i'm not sure on the specifics though. Sorry.

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I have my tragus pierced!
I got it done about 2 years ago, it was my first cartilidge (sp?) piercing and it's still my favourite.

While it's healing DO NOT put head phones in, you're not meant to touch the piercing except when cleaning it and if you put wee head phones in it'll not only hurt but increase the risk of infection and prolong the healing process.
However, once it's fully healed (I think it takes 6 months for it to completely heal, but you can wear headphones before then) puting in headphones is not a problem, just twist the jewelery into a comfy position for you and you're grand.
I have a ring thing in my tragus, it's not a full ring and it's got wee spikes you screw on and off to remove it, I just sort of twist it round when I want to put headphones in.

I have my anti tragus in my other ear and the same applies there.
Wait till it's healed and doesn't hurt anymore :)

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Aww awesome thanks. I really like how it looks with a ring, but I also love listening to my headphones... they kinda go in my ear a bit but I am sure I could change them a little if I needed to.

Goes away and thinks...

Thanks guys,

Luce x

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i have a ring in my tragus, and i find i cant use ear buds anymore! i can get them in but they just fall out of the ear with the ring in. but i just use the clip on kind of earphone, bit bigger, but i love my piercings so im not taking it out lol


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I've got both tragus' done with bars in each one. Just leave them for about a week, and then it will be fine to listen to headphones, although be careful as you put them in/out so you don't catch the jewellery.

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i have my tragus done and i listened to earphones the whole time but i did clean it a lot... ive had no bither with mine... one of the most hassle free piercings ive had act... so good luck =]


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i want mine doing but i think my mam will kick off.. i might try and hide it lol
Good luck.. xxx

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i got mine done and since my ipod is always on i didn't care and put it in anyways. my tragus piercing is perfectly fine, it never got infected and i didn't have any complications. i love it =D

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