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Triggering (Sexual Abuse) - Really embarassed. *poss trig*

Uhm... I really feel like an idiot for even posting on here, but this has been really bothering me and getting worse. My brother (he's like one of my best friends) sometimes (often) touches my butt, it's not in a particularly *sexual* way, it's just that I've told him COUNTLESS times to ****ing stop doing it, because it's really weird! And he keeps doing it! And tonight he, his girlfriend and I were playing games and stuff after Thanksgiving dinner, and she unhooked my bra (just in a funny way, nothing weird), and then my brother did as well! WTF??? It freaked me out so much, I shouted at him and hit him a few times. It's just realllly getting to me, he keeps doing things that he shouldn't do to his sister, and making comments that shouldn't involve me, and because of it I've actually (this is the most embarassing thing) had dreams where he... Ya know... it's disgusting. I am so freaked out. He's done it since we were younger, but I just ignored it because nothing bad has ever come of it, except for my being reallllly disgusted and freaked out. I don't know what to do, I keeep telling him to stop, EVERY time he does something, and I hit him (I guess I'm pretty weak compared to him though...) and his girlfriend tell him to stop touching my butt because it's weird.

Am I just freaking out over nothing...???? I feel so gross.


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Youre not freakin out over nothing hun if it bothers you than he should be polite and considerate enough not to do it! Perhaps if you explain to him that youre serious about you not feeling comfortable with him doing it it may ease off, afterall hes your brother and his job is to wind you up! If that fails have you talked to your parents/carers/whoevers at home to tell him not to do it?


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I know completly where your coming from t wasnt my brother but someone else i thefamily but anyway)... you need to be firm an calm in telling him not to do it. Not the emotional way you currently respond.
Now i appreciate that its hard an you cant help be be emotional in your responce (like screaming **** off) but being calm an assertive really will help.

Next time say something in a calm firm manner to him such as "X that isnt appropriate behaviour and i do not like it stop it' keep eye contact when he says it an dont engage him in any further discussion of the matter. Just say it an walk away.

Much love

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Thanks, I'll try that next time Kel!!


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