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Adult - Distance,,,, some lyrics i'm working on

Distance, I feel the distance between you and I
The falling question forcing it down inside
The peoples greed the suffering need
The kill the unborn before the bleed
Jumping down your skin fade you from within
Called to the front line shot down with no side left to win
The culture of man is to take with out giving
While the mother sit head in there hand grieving

Look at what you have done to this land
Left no life, no choice no helping hand
You see my eyes filled with hate
You stand back in fear cause you no itís to late
Fists in the air and guns cocked back
Your head in my cross wire as my eyes turn black
Hating myself for allowing you do take it all
Fearing my path as I watch them fall

Take it all, watch them fall
Clear the land wipe them out
Cross bread until the bloods no more

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