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Infection - cuts inside mouth and scratches

I've got two questions really. Firstly, how should I look after cuts in my mouth. Are they more likely to get infected. They're not deep so I was just going to leave them but i wasn't sure if there was anything I should do.

Secondly, I've got a few raw patches of skin where I've scratched them. I read another post on here which says how to look after them but the problem is, where they're situated I can't keep clothing loose on them, in fact they keep rubbing. Any advice on what I could do?

Thanks x

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in regard to the cuts in your mouth, if it were me, i would leave them to heal. if they started giving problems, i would get bongela and use that it is antiseptic and nums the pain.

as for the raw skin i am unsure on that maybe someone else can help you there.

hope that helps Patricia

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Yup as mentioned above, wounds in the mouth might find relief with bongela. However as long as you leave them alone and dont pick them and you keep your mouth reasonably clean, then they should not pose a proble.

As for the raw areas, is it possible to bandage the area? If so, use a non stick gauze and some anti septic cream on the wound and then a bandage to hold it in place.

Take care

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Scratches near gum line. (help)

i woke up and i had scratches at the bottom of my cheek near my gum line..
how do you get that like i dont have braces so im like frickin out?!

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could you be grinding or clenching your teeth in your sleep?

and for when i've got raw areas i put bandaids over them.... i don't know if thats the best thing to do, or if they're supposed to get air... but it does help. and eventually it sorta scabs over and then it isn't as touch sensitive. if its somewhere that needs to be able to move, you can sorta cut triangles or slits out of the sticky edge of the bandaid and it will let it move a bit more

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Firstly, if you are worried about infection; ensure your hands are always clean before touching the area.

For your mouth also make sure your toothbrush is clean. You can help this buy boiling some water and sitting your tooth brush in the water for about 5 - 10 mins before each time you use it. Then rinsing it with cooled boiled water, and clean hands make sure the bristles are cleaned thoroughly too. [/font]

There are also mouthwashes available. I personally like corsodyl mouth wash (I used this when I got my tongue pierced.) This can be bought in most supermarkets and pharmacies.

As for the skin...keep it clean. And also moisturised. This can help with any tightness or itching; the only thing to wary of is if you aren't washing off any excess or leftover moisturiser, you will be increasing the chance of infection. Or maybe try a barrier cream, such as sudo-crem or bepanthen [my prefered one], as this keeps the area moisturised and protected (but again, ensure you clean the area fully before applying anymore!!!)

Try putting on a light weight bandage. As said before, gauze would probably be good, then binding it to your arm using either medical tape or a roll bandage. Don't use anything woolly or sticky on it. Personally I am wary of antibacterial creams, as they can do more harm than good at times (but that is my own preferences and opinion).
I think the main thing with all of this is to ensure both areas are kept clean.

Hope this helps,


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You could also rinse with sea salt. Add about 1/2 a teaspoon of sea salt (*not* table salt) to a glass of warm water and swish, then spit it out. It should help the healing process, just make sure not to add too much salt.

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The damage in your mouth should heal itself very quickly. Presuming it's not deep then you're looking at a matter of days, deeper ones then often between a week and 2. A mouth wash which is ALCOHOL FREE is a good idea. The alcohol free bit is the most important thing when you're looking at wounds in the mouth and just general good oral hygiene and also brushing your tongue if you can as that harbours a LOT of bacteria. Despite the high number of bacteria there, it has good defences and very quick healing due to the cells there multiplying and changing so quickly. To be honest, I'd be VERY surprised now looking at the date that this was first posted if they haven't healed already.

I'd also say, if the patches are still there then the most important thing is to not stratch them. I know that is hard but that will make them more sore and make them worse in the long-run. Try and wear cotton which will rub less if possible and cover it with some sort of dressing; an adhesive one may work the best; some of the really fine film backed waterproof dressings (the main one on the market is Opsite) are the best ones to stay in place.

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