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secret squirrel
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PMS and self harm

(one for the ladies) Do any of you find that your urges to self harm increase before your period? Do you get other PMS symptoms too?

I have terrible PMS at the moment, ranging from physical symptoms like bloating, sore breasts, spots, feeling hot, plus being over-emotional and tearful. I also feel very agitated and tense, more than usual. This would trigger my brain to think - ok, self harm, that would make you feel better, take away the unbearable tension and leave me with a nice calm feeling. So I try to be rational and think of reasons not to do it. But as I have PMS, I am more impulsive so all the reasons not to do it go out the window so much easier. I have less self-control and find it hard to think things through.

Anyone have any experiences or ideas to help?

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time traveller
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Hi, I have a lot of experience of this... My self harm ideation and worst self harm episodes occur during PMS; things will all go completely and absoloutely down the plug hole then my period will occur and it will be all 'oh that explains it'. My mood also dramatically drops, I become emotionally tense, withdrawn and suicidal, I become impulsive like you say find harder to think things through. So you're not alone. Now one thing that helped me was going on the pill but it only helped for a couple of months I don't know how injections etc compare but it's something you could talk to your doctor about I know it can be embarrassing but they will listen because it's not that uncommon for mental health problems in women to be exacerbated during PMS. If you want to have your periods still there is a herbal option a legit one it's not a sugar pill which i've been taking for years and seriously notice the difference without it as i've tried going off it and I had all the symptoms above with a vengance. I don't know if I'm allowed to post it on here but if you're interested you can PM me and i'll give you the details. I know it's not for everyone so I won't be offended if you decide against it. Another thing I found helpful was writing a list of rational thoughts and distractions you could do during your PMS phase put it up on the fridge or the bathroom mirror or in the book you're reading somewhere you will notice and read it again and again. Write things like 'I may be wanting to self harm but this is because I'm going through PMS my hormones are causing this. It is a biological phase and will pass which means I don't have to self harm because the pain will be over soon.' and 'Instead of self harming I could write free association (I can explain this if you don't know what it is), have a bubble bath, cuddle with a hot water bottle (or teddy) and watch a favourite film. You get the gist, you can create your own version these were merely examples.

I don't know if i've been of any help but just know you're not alone, take care x

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secret squirrel
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Thanks for your reply, it's really helpful to hear your experiences and how you manage it. I think I probably do need to go to my doctor and consider hormonal treatment of some kind. I was worried that she wouldn't take it seriously because of my MH.

The list of rational thoughts and distractions is a great idea, I think I'll do it now as I am PMS to the max. It does help me to remind myself that the PMS will pass and the urge to SH may pass with it.

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Yes i can relate to that, i think it just triggers extra emotions or moods or whatever in the same way any other trigger would and therefore that leads to an urge despite the origin or cause?
Just try to keep reminding yourself that it is your PMS and it will pass and try to do other things that can help you feel better xxx

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Now I just have to work out how to live whilst being broken.
I feel like I'm dying.

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I'm in that boat right now, PMS = Suicide Mode, luckily today I'm off camping getting away from everything or I'd just be trapped in the house until after I finish my monthly, as it makes me extremely aggressive & violent, in turn making me suicidal because of feeling so trapped! I hate feeling like it but it's like it takes control & I have absolutely no control over it :(

I totally understand & sympathise with you immensely :)

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