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General Medical Question - Non Urgent - Blood test results.

I got blood test results back, i'm low in haemoglobin and white blood cells. Google doesn't seem to be helping, because it suggests things that I figure my doctor might be concerned about, but the receptionist seemed to think there was nothing to worry about.

Just a wee reassurance or explanation that i'm okay would be appreciated.

thanks x

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Hey, I've recently had the same. From my understanding though, the doctors look at all the results.. so although it seems as thought the receptionist just looks at them as soon as they come in and tells you the results... i dont think it works like that. It always been my understanding that if when the doctor looks and there are concerns, they either contact you, or leave a note with the results.

If you're concerned though, or even want to know more then make an appointment with your GP and they will be able to discuss your results with your further :)

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Put simply, a medical secretary or receptionist is not trained in medicine (beyond the spelling of certain words) they are trained in how to work a reception and not be too stressed by grumpy patients/customers.

If you want to know whether your results are good or bad you need to speak with your Dr. I would suggest either by booking an appointment, or asking to speak to them on the phone after their main clinic sessions are over. Your Dr is the one that will be able to give you better advice on what the results mean.

Be gentle with yourself.

Roiben x

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At my DRs the receptionists can't tell you about the results until after a doctor has looked at them and either asked for you to come in or said they can tell you the results over the phone. I presumed that this was the same everywhere?

If it is worrying you it is definatley worth going to see your GP about.

Although, what did the receptionist actually say when you spoke to them? Did they say anything about the doctor requesting you come in for an appointment?


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She just said there was nothing to worry about, but I'm guessing that's what the doctor told her. Thankyou for your replies.

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If they are just outside the 'normal range' it's likely the doctor isn't worried because 5% of healthy people have results outside it (it's just the way the normal values are calculated). They will also consider the reason the tests were done and how your health was at the time in making a decision as to what the results mean. Honestly though, the only way to be sure is to check with the doctor who ordered (and hopefully saw the results of) the tests.

Always seem to get things just that little bit wrong.

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