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Going backwards!

Iv been SH free for a good few weeks now but ive recently slipped up and in the same week discharged myself from the metal health team.... Why have I ruined all my hard work?

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Im sorry this happened to you. What led to the slip up(slip ups are part of normal recovery so betoo hard on yourself) , why did you discharge yourself?
How can we help?

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You haven't ruined all your hard work. You've had a slip up but it doesn't take away all the weeks you were free from self harm. In those weeks you were learning what was and wasn't helpful for your recovery. That isn't lost.


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rara avis
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I agree with what Tig said. The fact that you slipped up doesn't negate he fact that you went weeks without self-harming.
Why did you discharge yourself?
Do you know what triggered you to cut again?
Here to listen

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Well it sounds ridiculous but my car has been playing up a lot and ive spent over a thousand pounds in repairs ive had two big interviews at law firms and im just starting to sit my finals of my degree. I think everything just got to much really, well the woman who was dealing with me phoned me because I had cancelled an appointment and promised I would re schedule and never did and I basically told her that I was fine and didn't want to take it any further! I don't know why because it's still such a big issue and now I feel as though I don't have an option of help if up gets really bad again!

Thanks guys I really appreciate your replys!
Naomi xx

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i know it is tough, but can you call the woman back to see if you can reschedule?...

you do have alot going on, i can see why it is stressful. but if you drop out of everything now, things will get worse. you need to push through this rough spot, and things will end up better. maybe you can schedule some time to relax, so that you have time to destress and get ready to do the interviews and all that.

do you have anyone that you can study with for the exams?

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PM me anytime, I love getting messages :)

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