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General Medical Question - Non Urgent - Partial dislocation of the thumb

I've dislocated fingers and partically dislocated my shoulder (twice) so i am 90% sure this is what has happened with my thumb. It is very swolen.

original injury was it being forcefully bent the wrong way (and it really hurt) and then tonight I managed to stub it (hard) on the car door when goign for the door handle.

I am not planning on going to A+E because it is a soft tissue injury and there is nothing they can do.

I know how to strap thumbs up (i've had to do it before)

At the moment i'm taking ibuprofen (as instructed) and elevating it, running it under the cold tap (i don thave ice packs), and i will be strapping it up when the ibuprofen kicks in because I don't want it to continue swelling whilst straped up.

1. is there anything else I can do with home treatment to help?

2. will it be alright for me not to go to A+E for this?

3. is there anything I can do to prevent this happening again? (asides form not being a ****ing idiot and stubbing it on the door handle )

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If the joint is loose and it's slipping, you don't want a full dislocation.
So probably best to go to A&E or at least one of walk in NHS centres.

I found this article which you will find very useful:

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