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Social Issues

I consider myself a feminist...I'm white and straight but whenever I see or hear of people sexist/racist/homophobic/faithist etc it really hits me in the core.

Like it's actually beyond my understanding how people can act in such a's incredibly upsetting. Admittedly, I, like most people, have the occasional prejudice thought but I don't act on it and I constantly strive to be free of stereotypes and ignorance.

idk but like it's something that's impossible to avoid and it really kills me because it's SO wrong on any level. Also if I have children one day I don't what who they'll be like what if my kid is a poc or trans* or whatever I don't want them to be treated in such a way or denied any opportunities that straight white men have???



tl;dr people make me sad -_-

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people are frustrating. i think most people agree with that statement at times. people are also angering, saddening... you name it...

maybe you would feel better if you took some active steps to try and help people be more understanding, like joining an outreach group or something

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I agree with everything you said above. It is so enraging how some people treat and think about other.It makes me want to punch a wall so i can definately empathize with your frustration. The weorld is a better place when people like you speak up or simply feel anger at this type of thing

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I can understand what you mean... remember though that you cannot change others only the way you feel about them

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