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long distance relationship question.

This might be a bit of an odd thing to ask, but..

My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting engaged....the thing is, he's thinking in terms of weeks. As in, getting engaged in a matter of weeks (we've been talking about it for a while but the timing has been wrong because of issues I was dealing with...things are good now for both of us).
We want to get married in a year and a half-ish.

The thing that I'm worried about is, we both plan on going to grad school (him for music, me for psychology), and there are no guarantees as to where he'll end up. There's about a 50/50 chance he'll end up at a different university than me.

I want to marry him either way, but....I have to wonder, is a long distance marriage even doable?

I've also thought about transferring universities to go wherever he ends up.

When he proposes, my answer is yes either way, but as for the possibility of long do I deal with that?

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Think of all the people out their with their partners fighting in other countries - married but not together at that time :) The key, as has been said on other long distance threads, is communication. Be truthful with each other and stay in contact wherever possible. Me and my hubby were engaged for one year before we lived in the same country together!

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I think it can work. I had to move away from my girlfriend before we even got together but we've been together over a year. It does get really hard, but you just have to remember that soon itll be over and it wont be this hard forever. If your relationship is strong, it can work.

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I was away from my boyfriend for a year when we were engaged and used to go and see him every other month and stay with him for a month at a time. Like everyone else has said, the key is communication and trust, otherwise it won't be so likely to work.
I hope everything works out for you :)

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Communication and see each other lots and try to close the distsnce asap

Mand, 27, South Wales, Mummy to Chloe and jelly-baby Ella-Mae

Mand x

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