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Fear of gynecologist after rape

I was molested as a child on multiple occasions. As a teen on birth control, multiple doctors recommended pelvic exams which I refused. Last year I was date raped and recently I was diagnosed with PTSD. I have had consensual sex on many occasions with a total of three different partners and presently my boyfriend and I are sexually active. But I just can't get past the idea of having a pelvic exam . I think it's because I have been taken advantage of and viewed unwillingly in a sexual way so many times that I don't see how a person can see me naked and it be precessional. I see a therapist and have for two years but I haven't gotten any better. My health provider starts pelvic exams at 21 and now I'm 20...and terrified of having one. Help?

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Pelvic exams are a daunting thought for most let alone someone with such past experience that you've had. I have not had an examination myself but I imagine I'd feel much the same as you if I knew I had one looming. Perhaps you could specify the sex of your gynecologist to which ever feels more comfortable? Would your boyfriend go with you for support? Gynecologists are most likely used to apprehensive patients as I expect there is only a minority who's happily and comfortably go for one of those examinations. They are professionals who are there to look out for your health and if you feel you can be brave enough to go through with an examination, I'm sure you'll feel it was worth it afterwards. Good luck,


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