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Burn getting infected.

I recently started burning myself, so I don't know whether this is normal or not. So, my wounds are white, surrounded by red and you can see blood too. They kinda hurt too when you touch them. I think they're infected or something. I don't wanna go to the doctors. What can I do to prevent/stop the infection? Thanks x

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Hey Nemesi, Its really difficult to say if your burns are infected, did they blister and then burst? I know from experience with burns, mine got infected easily if i burst the blister.

Also burns can get infected VERY easily in general (I know from experience unfortunately). here is a link to the burn guide here:

But really if you think it may be infected, you really have to go to the doctor, so you can get some antibiotic cream/tablets and have it checked over properly. If its white and there is thickening of the skin, it may be a 3rd degree burn, does the actual white area hurt? If not it is likely that it is 3rd degree. They REALLY need checked out my a doctor!

Hope you get it sorted and are feeling better ;)


p.s Sorry if my post is 'lecturing', I know its difficult to go to the doctor, but if you need to, you really should go

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