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Contains sexual abuse - what is the difference between sexual abuse and being molested/

I was sexually abused/molested when I was younger. Well, it's hard for me to give details to get an answer. He touched me a lot, and put his fingers in me and stuff like that, but there was no sex, oral sex, and I never touched him. It went on for 2 years. Would I refer to this as being sexually abused or molested? I am telling my therapist for the first time tomorrow and I'm scared to death, I don't want to word it inaccurately and make it sound worse then what actually happened.

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no point
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sorry that happened to you. i believe it's sexual abuse.

good luck for tomorrow!

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Yeah, I'd say the same as no point. Sexual abuse.

*sends best wishes* <3

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Molestation is a form of sexual abuse. If there is any kind of forced sexual contact (molestation, rape, oral rape, etc.) going on regularly then that is sexual abuse. You can use the terms interchangeably really, but it def is sexual abuse. *hugs gently* And don't try to minimize what happened to you, that is serious.

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I believe its sexual abuse, be strong, I think you are so brave to tell your therapist, I'm sure you're terrified but the fact that you're putting so much effort in, even down to getting your wording right proves that you're ready to do this. Good Luck

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