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No period / lactating (not pregnant)


Argh, I dont know where to put this - first aid, EDs, here, nowhere, MH Discussion

Anyhoo, I had a 'period' in September - kind of a long one (a week), but yeah.

Now, Around this time i started lactating (producing milk when theres just no need). It got blamed on my meds - but it wasnt as i dont take them, I just didnt want the dr to think I was non-complient. So had a prolactin test which was high and the lactation stopped after a few days.

Ive not had a period since. I have had two pregnancy tests and (one which was carried out with the dr - who confirmed I am not pregnant), therefore this no periods thing got blamed on 'stress'.

However, I have lost a fair amount of weight and now I border in the underweight category - usually between 'the Anorexic BMI' (i cannot think of a better way to put this) - to the start of 'the healthy BMI.'

I dont think its this because I'm not really underweight and I still have a large amount of fat.

I havent took my medication for 2-3 weeks approx. (I started again in Feb then stopped).And about 3 days ago, well I started lactating again.

What should I do? I see the poison man (he's the 'doctor' who prescribed me antipsychotics and that) on monday, do I mention it to him, even if its not my meds?

Do I see the gp again in a few weeks if its not gone? I mean can stress alone cause someone to lactate and miss their periods?

And its obviously not related to eating habits / weight. Im still rather large.

thanks for any advice. hope this makes sense :) x

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Stress can stop your periods but I don't think it can make you lactate.

If your prolactin is consistently high, progesterone can inhibit the efffects of it, so perhaps your pills are lowering your progesterone and causing the prolactin to take effect? Perhaps you could ask your doctor to try the mini/pop pill which contains only progesterone and see if it stops the milk?

I would ask your doctor about it because it could be your meds even though you're not taking them regularly (which is another reason to talk to your doctor).

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There are other causes of lactation and no periods which would need to be tested for by your doctor (probably the GP) but you really need to tell them that you're not taking your meds.

Also you keep saying it can't be weight related because you're "large" but you also described having an underweight BMI, so obviously you are not large.

You need to tell your psychiatrist that your not taking the meds, and why, and you ought to see you GP about the lactation and no periods.

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Risperidone caused me to lactate and lose my periods. Because of other side effects, I was taken off it, and the lactation stopped. It took a month longer for my period to return, so it may be just a case of waiting.

However I would speak to someone about you stopping meds. If it is the meds, then changing your meds will probably allow them to start again.

I would personally wait a bit longer, and if your period has still not returned I would seek help - it may be caused by a different reason (such as PCOS) unrelated to the meds.

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Yeah sounds like a plan. Im seeing psychatrist tomorrow, and when I come home (20th) If problem still continuing, I shall make a dr appointment. (GP).

Not reallllly bothered about periods, its not like I enjoy them, but it sound like hormone problem with the intermintant lactation ><

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My periods have stopped and am lactating too but i'm not pregnant and my prolactin levels aren't very high but something that did come up was there might be a problem with my thyroid gland, so could that be to blame/ best to tell your dr so they can do tests to rule things out.

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Just an updated, stopped the lactating. Seeing the Dr on Wednesday x

I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.

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