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i guess..

im goign to rehab soon. school is coming up. im moving into a place with my best friend. im seventeen. things are pointing to independance for me very quickly and i dont mind much. i hate my family. but with responsibility, comes the notion and self-realization that im ****ing up. and im ****ed. and i need to get better. and there is no other way then to seek the help of a professional. in the past 48 hours i have put 2 grams up my nose and i did H for the first time last night. i'm becoming very different. and any of my friends could tell you that. i was literally dying a few months before summer and i quit cold turkey for a month and a half id say and now im right where i started. summertime does that you i suppose. you get carried away. so im taking things slow. and onc ei secure that place with my friend and find a way to pay for it even when im not there ( money isnt an issue) i going to rehab. i have no idea what to expect and time and time agin ive denied request over request of my friends to go but that kind of decision you cant make on everyone else; it has to be at your own will. right now all i wanna think about is now. i wanna get high. so badly. in fact, im going to get high. im just taking it day at a time. but i'll get better. soon

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ps. srry for not posting it as triggering. i forgot.

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It sounds to me like you know that you have a problem... and I think deep down inside you know that rehab could be the best thing for you to get over all of this. And I know that you will able to get through it, since you have stopped cold turkey once before. Just still prepare yourself though, because it is not going to be easy.

I wish you all the luck in the world
x Kate

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You're right, getting clean is something only you can choose to do, nobody else can force you to stop or get help if you don't want it. And it wouldn't work for you even if they did.

Hun, you are strong, you know what you want. I hope you do go to rehab soon, it sounds like you it would do you a lot of good, and get you into the way of recovery. You'd benefit a lot by going, meet people and speak to people who are going through the exact same thing as you. You wouldn't be alone, and it would put you on the path to recovery.

I wish you the best of luck.

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